Who is Fayza Lamari? All there is to know about Kylian Mbappé’s mother

Who is Fayza Lamari? All there is to know about Kylian Mbappé’s mother

Ciku Njuguna
May 9, 2023 at 9:58 AM
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Endless praises have been sung about PSG's attacking midfielder Kylian Mbappé. Would you like to find out about his background and the reason for his success? Dig into this article and learn more about Fayza Lamari, Kylian Mbappé's mother.

Is Fayza Lamari a Nigerian?
Fayza Lamari pictured during a press conference about Kylian Mbappé's new contract with Paris Saint-Germain at the auditorium of Parc des Princes stadium on May 23, 2022, in Paris, France. Photo by John Berry.
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Just as charity begins at home, the foundation of success starts in the home. Who is the mother of Mbappé? Who is the wind beneath his wings?

Profile and bio summary

Full name

Fayza Lamari





Date of birth

17th September 1974


48 years old as of April 2023

Zodiac sign


Place of birth

Bondy, Seine-Saint-Denis, France











Height in feet and inches


Height in centimetres


Weight in pounds


Weight in kilograms


Hair colour


Eye colour



Saliha Aït-Abbas


Mohand Saïd Lamari

Relationship status



Kylian Mbappé, Ethan Mbappé, Jirès Kembo Ekoko

Net worth

$1 million - $5 million

Who is Kylian Mbappé's mother?

Lamari was born in Bondy, Seine-Saint-Denis, France, on the 17th of September 1974 to Mohand Saïd Lamari and Saliha Aït-Abbas. Further details of Fayza Lamari's parents are largely unknown. However, her roots can be traced to the Kabyle tribe of North Algeria through them.

Are Mbappé's parents still together?
Kylian Mbappé's mother attended the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Round 16 match between France and Poland at Al Thumama Stadium on December 4, 2022, in Doha, Qatar. Photo by Jean Catuffe.
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Is Mbappé's mom Algerian?

Fayza was born to Algerian parents who migrated to France. Her nationality is French-Algerian.

Fayza Lamari's age

She is 48 years old as of April 2023. Her Zodiac sign is Virgo.

Fayza Lamari's height

The former Division 1 handball player stands at 5 feet and 10 inches (178 cm). According to various publications, she weighs about 138.9 lbs (63 kg).

What is the family origin of Mbappe?
Fayza Lamari attended the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 semifinal match between France and Morocco at Al Bayt Stadium on December 14, 2022, in Al Khor, Qatar. Photo by Jean Catuffe.
Source: Getty Images

Who is Fayza Lamari's husband?

Sources reveal that she entered a civil solidarity pact on the 30th of December 2016 with Cameroonian-born Wilfrid Mbappé Lottin. The pact was dissolved on the 2nd of May, 2022.

Fayza Lamari's children

She gave birth to her eldest child, Kylian Mbappé, on the 20th of December 1998, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. She later gave birth to her second son, Ethan Mbappé, on the 26th of December 2006. The couple also adopted a son, Jirès Kembo Ekoko.

Kylian Mbappé

Kylian is a key player for the French national football team and Paris Saint-Germain. With 12 World Cup goals for France, Mbappé has cemented his status as one of the country's heroes. In an interview, Lamari publicly acknowledged her pride over her son's achievements, saying,

“As a former sportswoman, I am indeed happy when he is a world champion. What I am most proud of is the man he has become. It is not over. He still has time to grow as a person, but today I am proud of him.”

Lamari has received criticism for her involvement in Mbappé's reported move from PSG to Real Madrid. Despite receiving hefty privileges from the club, the PSG striker seems intent on leaving the club. The family matriarch is known to publicly defend her son whenever he is involved in a spat with the club.

What descent is Mbappe from?
Paris Saint-Germain's French forward Kylian Mbappé, father Wilfried and his brother Ethan Mbappé pose before he received the Best Ligue 1 Player award on May 19, 2019, in Paris, France. Photo by Franck Fife/AFP.
Source: Getty Images

Ethan Mbappé

Just like her eldest son, Lamari has influenced all her sons' sports careers. At age eleven, he joined the PSG youth football academy. At the time of writing, Ethan is a central midfielder who plays for the Paris Saint Germain Under-19 and the French national football teams.

The 16-year-old (as of May 2023) made his PSG debut in 2022 during a friendly match against Paris FC. He has made five appearances in the UEFA Youth League in the 2021/22 season.

Jirès Kembo Ekoko

Jirès, her adoptive son, is a retired winger who played for Bursaspor FC, Stade Rennais FC, Al-Ain FC, El Jaish Sports Club and the Under-21 French national football team. Ekoko's adoption story began with Kylian's father's friendship with Congolese footballer Kembo Uba Kembo. Following Kembo's death, Wilfried welcomed Jirès into the family.

Fayza Lamari's Wikipedia
Kylian Mbappé's parents, Fayza Lamari (R) and Wilfried Mbappé (L) were pictured during the Ligue 1 match between Olympique Marseille and Paris Saint Germain on October 28, 2018, in Marseille, France. Photo by Dave Winter/Icon Sport.
Source: Getty Images


Young Fayza Lamari played handball as a Division 1 player between the 1990s and 2001 for the AS Bondy handball club. She also played for the French national handball team between the late 1990s and early 2000s. As a sportswoman, she has kept the same spirit of hard work, determination and self-drive in handling family affairs.

Young Fayza chose to study education and later worked as a recreation centre leader. The French media personality is also a lawyer by profession.

She is the president of KEWJF and Saziley Companies and is reported to have taken on a managerial role over her eldest son's career. The KEWJF company is a family business that has an annual turnover of about $13.4 million. According to various sources, each letter in the acronym KEWFJ stands for the names of the family members, K for Kylian, E for Ethan, W for Wilfried, F for Fayza and J for Jirès.

Fayza Lamari's interview
Kylian Mbappé (centre right), and his mother, Fayza Lamari (centre left), attended the Liqui Moly Starligue handball match between the Paris Saint-Germain Handball team and HBC Nantes at Stade Pierre de Coubertin on March 13, 2022, in Paris, France. Photo by John Berry.
Source: Getty Images

Who is Kylian Mbappé's manager?

Fayza Lamari and Wilfried Mbappé have taken a hands-on parenting style. Their involvement in Kylian's career has been attributed to his global success. Although Kylian is signed with the WME Agency, his father, Wilfried, has long served him as his sports agent and manager.

Fayza Lamari's net worth

Other than managing her son's fortune, Lamari has amassed a significant amount of wealth. Various sources value her net worth between $1 million and $5 million.

Is Fayza Lamari on Instagram and Twitter?

Recent rumours involving Kylian Mbappé's alleged transfer from PSG to Real Madrid have made Lamari infamous. Fayza Lamari has amassed a considerable number of followers on Twitter and Instagram, where she shares photos of her family.

Fayza Lamari's interview
Fayza Lamari attended the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 between France and Denmark at Stadium 974 on November 26, 2022, in Doha, Qatar. Photo by Jean Catuffe.
Source: Getty Images

Fayza Lamari has consistently used social media to publicly express her admiration for her son as well as defend him. Although she has been highly criticised for her active presence in Mbappé's professional and private life, one can not deny that she plays a critical role in his success.

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