A list of all Barcelona trophies for the entire club history

A list of all Barcelona trophies for the entire club history

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FC Barcelona is the most successful club in Spain, having won 75 domestic titles: 26 La Liga, a record 31 Copa del Rey, a record 13 Supercopa de España, a record three Copa Eva Duarte and a record two Copa de la Liga. This article discusses all of Barcelona's trophies of all time.

A list of all Barcelona trophies of all time by year
Barcelona's forward Lionel Messi raises the La Liga trophy as he celebrates becoming La Liga champions at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on April 27, 2019. Photo: LLUIS GENE
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The club has also won 22 official trophies, 14 of which are UEFA competitions and eight approved by FIFA. There are only two clubs in Europe's top five leagues with more trophies than PSG, and they are both in La Liga.

Barcelona trophies altogether

Using the most recent statistics, we have compiled Barcelona's trophies list by year of acquisition. Here is the breakdown of Barcelona trophies in total.

Regional titles (34)

Campionat de Catalunya: The Catalan football championship (Campionat de Catalunya) was a football competition in Catalonia and the first football league in Spain before La Liga was established in 1929.

Copa Macaya (1): 1902

Copa Barcelona (1): 1903

Campionat de Catalunya (21): 1904–05, 1908–09, 1909–10, 1910–11, 1912–13, 1915–16, 1918–19, 1919–20, 1920–21, 1921–22, 1923–24, 1924–25, 1925–26, 1926–27, 1927–28, 1929–30, 1930–31, 1931–32, 1934–35, 1935–36, 1937–38

Liga Catalana: The Mediterranean League, also referred to as the Lliga Mediterrània (Catalan), the Liga Mediterránea (Spanish) or La Liga del Mediterráneo, was a football league played in the Republican area of Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

Winners (1) (a record): 1937–38

Catalan Cup: The Copa Catalunya (Catalonia Cup) is a knockout competition organized by the Catalan Football Federation for football clubs in the Catalonia autonomous community of Spain.

Winners (8) (a record): 1990–91, 1992–93, 1999–2000, 2003–04, 2004–05, 2006–07, 2012–13, 2013–14

Supercopa de Catalunya: The Supercopa de Catalunya (Catalonia Supercup) is a football super cup competition organized by the Catalan Football Federation since 2014 for football clubs in the Catalonia autonomous community Spain.

Winners (2) (record): 2014, 2018

A list of all barcelona trophies of all time by year
Barcelona's midfielder Xavi Hernandez (bottom) holds the Spanish League 2014/15 trophy at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on May 23, 2015. Photo: JOSEP LAGO
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National titles (75)

La Liga: The Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División, commonly known simply as Primera División in Spain, and as La Liga in English-speaking countries and officially as LaLiga Santander for sponsorship reasons, stylized as LaLiga, is the men's top professional football division of the Spanish football league system.

Administered by the Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional, it is contested by 20 teams, with the three lowest-placed teams at the end of each season being relegated to the Segunda División and replaced by the top two teams and a play-off winner in that division.

Winners (26): 1929, 1944–45, 1947–48, 1948–49, 1951–52, 1952–53, 1958–59, 1959–60, 1973–74, 1984–85, 1990–91, 1991–92, 1992–93, 1993–94, 1997–98, 1998–99, 2004–05, 2005–06, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11, 2012–13, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2017–18, 2018–19

A list of all barcelona trophies of all time by year
Lionel Messi (L) and Andres Iniesta (R) of Barcelona celebrate with the trophy at Vicente Calderon Stadium on May 27, 2017, in Madrid, Spain. Photo: Burak Akbulut
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Copa del Rey: Copa del Rey, formerly known as Copa del Generalísimo (1939–76), is an annual knockout football competition in Spanish football, organized by the Royal Spanish Football Federation. The competition was founded in 1903, thus making it the oldest Spanish football competition played at a national level.

Winners (31) (record):

1909–10: 3–2 vs. Club Español de Madrid

1911–12: 2–0 vs. R. S. Gimnástica Española

1912–13: 2–1 vs. Real Sociedad

1919–20: 2–0 vs. Athletic Bilbao

1921–22: 5–1 vs. Real Unión

1924–25: 2–0 vs. Getxo

1925–26: 3–2 vs. Atlético Madrid

1927–28: 3–1 vs. Real Sociedad

1941–42: 4–3 vs. Athletic Bilbao

1950–51: 3–0 vs. Real Sociedad

1951–52: 4–2 vs. Valencia

1952–53: 2–1 vs. Athletic Bilbao

1956–57: 1–0 vs. Espanyol

1958–59: 4–1 vs. Granada

1962–63: 3–1 vs. Zaragoza

1967–68: 1–0 vs. Real Madrid

1970–71: 4–3 vs. Valencia

1977–78: 3–1 vs. Las Palmas

1980–81: 3–1 vs. Sporting Gijón

1982–83: 2–1 vs. Real Madrid

1987–88: 1–0 vs. Real Sociedad

1989–90: 2–0 vs. Real Madrid

1996–97: 3–2 vs. Real Betis

1997–98: 1–1 vs. Mallorca (5–4 pen.)

2008–09: 4–1 vs. Athletic Bilbao

2011–12: 3–0 vs. Athletic Bilbao

2014–15: 3–1 vs. Athletic Bilbao

2015–16: 2–0 vs. Sevilla

2016–17: 3–1 vs. Alavés

2017–18: 5–0 vs. Sevilla

2020–21: 4–0 vs. Athletic Bilbao

Copa de la Liga: the Copa de la Liga (League Cup in Spanish) was a Spanish football tournament created in 1982. Due to time constraints, saturation and club pressure, the competition only lasted four years, being cancelled in 1986. However, winning the trophy helped two clubs complete cup doubles: FC Barcelona with the Copa del Rey (1983) and Real Madrid with the UEFA Cup (1985). The team that played the second leg at home won the trophy in all four finals.

Winners (2) (record): 1982–83: 4–3 (2–2 / 2–1) vs. Real Madrid, 1985–86: 2–1 (1–0 / 2–0) vs. Real Betis

Supercopa de España:

Winners (13) (record):

1983: 3–2 (3–1 / 0–1) vs. Athletic Bilbao

1991: 2–1 (0–1 / 1–1) vs. Atlético Madrid

1992: 5–2 (3–1 / 1–2) vs. Atlético Madrid

1994: 6–5 (0–2 / 4–5) vs. Zaragoza

1996: 6–5 (5–2 / 3–1) vs. Atlético Madrid

2005: 4–2 (0–3 / 1–2) vs. Real Betis

2006: 4–0 (0–1 / 3–0) vs. Espanyol

2009: 5–1 (1–2 / 3–0) vs. Athletic Bilbao

2010: 5–3 (3–1 / 4–0) vs. Sevilla

2011: 5–4 (2–2 / 3–2) vs. Real Madrid

2013: 1–1 (1–1 / 0–0) vs. Atlético Madrid

2016: 5–0 (0–2 / 3–0) vs. Sevilla

2018: 2–1 vs. Sevilla

Copa Eva Duarte: The Copa Eva Duarte was a Spanish football tournament organized by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and contested by La Liga and the Copa del Generalísimo.

Winners (3):

1948: 1–0 vs Sevilla

1952: Was given without a play-off match as Barcelona won both the Spanish Cup and La Liga

1953: Was given without a play-off match as Barcelona won both the Spanish Cup and La Liga

European titles (17)

A list of all barcelona trophies of all time by year
Barcelona's Spanish coach Josep Guardiola celebrates with the trophy at the UEFA Champions League final football match on May 28, 2011, at Wembley stadium in London. Photo: Lluis Gene
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European Cup / UEFA Champions League: The UEFA Champions League is an annual club football competition between top European clubs. It is one of the world's most prestigious football competitions and tournaments and Europe's most prestigious club competition.

Winners (5):

1991–92: 1–0 vs Sampdoria

2005–06: 2–1 vs Arsenal

2008–09: 2–0 vs Manchester United

2010–11: 3–1 vs Manchester United

2014–15: 3–1 vs Juventus

UEFA Cup Winners' Cup: The UEFA Cup Winners' Cup was a European football club competition contested annually by the winners of domestic cup competitions. The Cup was the second seasonal inter-European club competition organized by UEFA chronologically.

Winners (4) (record):

1978–79: 4–3 vs. Fortuna Düsseldorf

1981–82: 2–1 vs. Standard Liège

1988–89: 2–0 vs. Sampdoria

1996–97: 1–0 vs. Paris Saint-Germain

Inter-Cities Fairs Cup: The Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, sometimes referred to as the European Fairs Cup, or simply the Fairs Cup, was a European football competition between 1955 and 1971. It was regarded as the forerunner to the UEFA Cup.

Winners (3) (a record):

1955–58: 8–2 (2–2 / 6–0) vs London XI

1958–60: 4–1 (0–0 / 4–1) vs Birmingham City

1965–66: 4–3 (0–1 / 2–4) vs Zaragoza

A list of all barcelona trophies of all time by year
The F.C.Barcelona goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo, poses with the Spanish Super Cup, before their match vs Sevilla F.C., match, at Nou Camp, on August 17, 2016, in Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Joan Cros Garcia
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UEFA Super Cup: The UEFA Super Cup is an annual football match between the winners of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. The competition was initially known as the European Super Cup before being renamed the UEFA Super Cup in 1995. It is not a major UEFA competition. Barça has never reached a second-tier final (UEFA Cup or Europa League).

Winners (5) (a shared record):

1992: 3–2 (1–1 / 2–1) vs Werder Bremen

1997: 3–1 (2–0 / 1–1) vs Borussia Dortmund

2009: 1–0 vs Shakhtar Donetsk

2011: 2–0 vs Porto

2015: 5–4 vs Sevilla

Worldwide titles (3)

A list of all barcelona trophies of all time by year
Dani Alves of Barcelona kisses the trophy after winning the FIFA Club World Cup final vs River Plate at International Stadium Yokohama on December 20, 2015, in Yokohama, Japan. Photo: Amilcar Orfali
Source: Getty Images

FIFA Club World Cup: The FIFA Club World Cup is an annual men's football competition organized by FIFA, the sport's global governing body. The FIFA Club World Championship was first held in 2000. From 2001 to 2004, it was not held due to the collapse of FIFA's marketing partner International Sport and Leisure (ISL), but since 2005 it has been hosted by Brazil, Japan, the UAE, Morocco, and Qatar.

Winners (3): 2009: 2–1 vs Estudiantes, 2011: 4–0 vs Santos, 2015: 3–0 vs River Plate

Intercontinental Cup: Intercontinental Cup (also known as European/South American Cup) was an international football competition endorsed by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and the Confederación Sudamericana de Ftbol (CONMEBOL), contested between representative clubs from these confederations, usually the UEFA Cha winners.

Doubles and trebles (14–2)

La Liga and Copa del Rey doubles (8) (a record): 1951–52, 1952–53, 1958–59, 1997–98, 2008–09 (as part of treble), 2014–15 (as part of treble), 2015–16, 2017–18. Having won the La Liga and Copa del Rey doubles in the previous 2018-19, Barcelona ran for four different competitions this season.

La Liga and European Cup doubles (5) (a record): 1991–92, 2005–06, 2008–09 (as part of treble), 2010–11 and 2014–15 (as part of treble)

Copa del Rey and UEFA Cup Winner's Cup (1): 1996–97

La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League (2) (a shared record): 2008–09 and 2014–15. They have only been one champions league win to add to the Barcelona trophies in the last 10 years,

Real Madrid vs Barcelona trophies all time

Barcelona has won more overall trophies than Real Madrid, although Real has 11 European Cups to its name. On top of that, the Catalans can brag about winning defunct awards that their bitter rivals will never be able to claim for themselves. Barcelona has won more trophies vs Real Madrid since 2000.

Barcelona trophies before and after Messi

Not only has the team performed better on the field and won 33 trophies since Messi joined the club but so much more about the club improved as a result of his presence. Messi contributed to the club winning most Barcelona trophies.

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