Which is the most hated football team in the world? Top 10

Which is the most hated football team in the world? Top 10

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Like any other sport, football involves passion and mixed emotions from everyone involved. But, unfortunately, hatred is one of them. Passionate hatred is quite common in football, especially from local clubs that have a long-standing rivalry with one another. However, when it comes to the most hated football teams globally, issues can range from jealousy of its dominance and success, its roster of players, its spending or choices by the management. But, we all agree there are just those teams we love to hate.

The most hated football team
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No team is loved by everyone. Maybe it is a little bit dramatic, but you just cannot wait until the day you see that team fall. So, which are those teams that everyone loves to hate? Join us as we highlight some of the most hated teams that exist today.

The most hated football teams

Using the most recent statical ranking, social media polls findings and publications from credible sources, we've compiled a list of the most hated teams in football.

10. Rangers FC

One of the reasons The Gher is hated so much is its success in the Scottish premier league. winning over 100 trophies in its 150 years of existence. Rangers are the most successful team in Scottish football history and the second in the world.

Another facet of the hatred is rooted in Ranger’s religious ideologies that are seen as far more conflicting than the rest of Scotland. Rangers and the majority of those who support it are protestant, while the majority of the rest of Scotland primarily identify with either Catholicism or the Church of Scotland.

Rangers is also hated for its support for the English monarchy and its pro-UK unionisation beliefs, which are different from the rest of Scotland and, to some extent, some parts of the UK who are against the alliance of the UK.

Which teams are the most hated universally in football?
On 15 March 2021, fans' celebration did get out of control in Glasgow when Rangers finally won the Scottish Premier League Cup after 10 years. Photo: Andy Buchanan (modified by author)
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Rangers also have a long-standing rivalry with its neighbouring team Celtic FC with a clash of the duo being referred to as Old Firm.

9. RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig, or “The Red Bulls” as it is mainly referred to, is a German football club competing in the county’s premier league Bundesliga. The hatred by the masses towards them stems from its fast, dramatic rise to compete in Germany’s top flight and the ownership of the club.

Football is the glue to German society, and it has a social responsibility, as once said by Carsten Cramer, the Chief Executive of Borussia Dortmund.

For this reason, Germany has a 50-plus-one where it is stated that the ownership of a club befalls the public, and no single person or cooperation can own more than 50% stake in a club. In most German Clubs, anyone can buy a stake in the club during any season. To add to the rule, another one is in place that states that the voting rights in the club’s decision lie with its members.

Which teams are the most hated universally in football?
RB Leipzig players celebrate after scoring in a match against FC Union Berlin on 22 May 2021. Photo: Maja Hitij
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That’s not the case for RB Leipzig, Red Bull, the Austrian brand already owning sports clubs worldwide, bought SSV Markranstädt, a relatively unknown club, rebranded it to RB Leipzig equipped with the best tactical team money could buy. In just six years, this saw the club dramatically rise from competing in the fourth division to the top flight, something unwitnessed in Germany.

8. Arsenal

Arsenal is one of the most followed teams globally, a title that sadly comes with one of the most hated too.

With such a huge following, not every decision taken by the club will sit well with all its fans. However, Arsenal fans are some of the most passionate followers you can find, making them some of the most passionate critics of the game.

Which teams are the most hated universally in football?
Arsenal fans were the first to oppose the proposed 2021 European super league. Photos: Charlotte Wilson and Tolga Akmen (modified by author)
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Most of the hatred for Arsenal from the fans stems from issues like players’ position during matches, Management purchasing decisions and overall coaching decisions made. Arsenal also has a long-standing rivalry with major EPL clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City.

7. Bayern Munich

In football, Bayern Munich is one the most revered and highly decorated clubs. But, unfortunately, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea too.

The hate for the Bundesliga giant by fans all over stems from varied reasons, but the key ones include its dominance in major European leagues, poaching players from rival teams, Arrogance and pride by its fans, the tone-deaf attitude of the club’s management and Bayern-luck.

With over 70 trophies under its belt, Bayern is not only one of the most successful teams in Bundesliga, but the world, something that has had them gain animosity from many fans of rival clubs.

It also has a habit of poaching star players from other teams by offering higher pay, which doesn’t sit well with clubs and fans alike.

Bayern is also hated for its association with the Bavarian culture and people who are normally seen as prideful and boastful.

Which teams are the most hated universally in football?
Bayern's new CEO Oliver Kahn and new coach Julian Nagelsmann at one of the club's matches. Photo: Christof Stache
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The club is also known to have the most arrogant management, always not taking fans’ suggestions and pleas into account.

Legend has it that Bayern has the luck of scoring during the last minutes and winning marches. A term was even coined for it, “Bayerndusel” or Bayern-luck is the word with Dusel derived from “undeserved luck” in German. So naturally, this always breeds frustrations and resentment among its rival fans.

6. Chelsea

Slightly more than two decades Chelsea was featuring nowhere near the top of the premier league standing.

Its dramatic rise to the top of the league, dominating it and even winning a European title is one of the many reasons fans of rival clubs hate it.

Another reason the club is being hated on is because of its rich owner Roman Abramovich, who is known to spend any amount to improve the club.

Which teams are the most hated universally in football?
Jose Mourinho, former Chelsea coach, is quite a polarising figure. During his stint with the club, he was responsible for some of the hate it was getting. Photo: Julian Finney
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From Jose Mourinho, the former coach, to Diego coaster, Chelsea has had quite a share of divisive characters over the years that have been the source of hatred towards the club.

Chelsea also has a long-standing rivalry with London based clubs Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham.

5. Millwall

Millwall FC is a club located in South East London competing in the English Football League, the Second highest Football competition in England.

The club is known for its hooliganism and worst violence cases in football which have been the subject of several documentaries in pointing out the negative side of the football.

The club’s fans share a bitter rivalry with their two fellow London clubs, West Ham and Chelsea.

Which teams are the most hated universally in football?
Millwall fans are known to have committed some of the worst cases of hooliganism known in football. Photo: Jacques Feeney, Alex Pantling(modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

The fact that the official chant of the club’s fanbase is “no one likes us, and we don’t care” should be a testament that Millwall is indeed one of the most hated clubs.

4. Barcelona

Barcelona is the second most followed club on social media in the world. But, unfortunately, with a lot of followers comes a lot of haters too.

The team is hated for many reasons, but some of the ones which stood out are, Its dominance and winning streaks, its sponsorship choices, Players’ conduct while playing, its purchase choices and Tiki Taka.

Barcelona has remained one of the dominant clubs in the Spanish League and European football. It boasts of having one the most envious trophy count globally, attributed to its hard work. This is usually a cause of envy of fans from other clubs, the most notable being fans of English clubs.

The club’s choice of sponsorship has not sat well with many people. In particular, Qatar Airways which was marred in controversies at the time of sponsorship with Barcelona. Subsequently, its deal with Rakuten, the Japanese e-commerce giant, did upset a lot of people following the discovery that the company dealt in whale meat and elephant ivory products.

Barcelona players and staff are known to be disrespectful towards referees, which makes a lot of people hate them. The club’s players also have a terrible reputation for employing dirty tricks during games.

Which teams are the most hated universally in football?
Gerard Pique (left) and Luis Suarez (right) are some of Barcelona's players who have had a reputation for using dirty tricks in their games. Photo: TF-Images, NurPhoto (modified by author)
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Barcelona is known for perfecting Tiki-taka, a ball possession and passing technique, but also is usually a source of frustration and hatred from rival clubs.

3. Juventus

The Turin-based giants often referred to as the “old lady”, are the most loved football team from Italy and the most hated one.

Most of the hatred accorded to Juventus stems from many issues. Still, the major ones include its success, the Calciopoli scandal, their arrogancy, favouritism by the referees and its divisive set of players.

Which teams are the most hated universally in football?
Lucciano Moggi was responsible for many negative public perceptions Juventus was getting in the early 2000s. A perception that still exists today. Photo: Etsuo Hara
Source: Getty Images

Juventus, one can say, is a victim of its success. Dominating the Italian football league throughout the years and winning it for the last seven years in a row is a source of jealousy amongst many fans of other teams.

In 2006, Juventus manager was caught in a match-fixing scandal in the now infamous Calciopoli scandal that saw the club stripped off their 2005 and 2006 Serie A championship titles and be relegated to Serie B.

Juventus managers and players are disliked for their arrogant statements, which invoke all sorts of negative emotions amongst people. Some of the figures who have made some controversial statements while at the club are Lucciano Moggi, the team’s director, Antonio Conte, the former team's coach

With one incident that even led to a fight in the Italian parliament and is still a subject of heated discussion in the country to this day. In most cases, Juventus usually are seen as favoured by referees, a source of bitter hatred from fans all over.

2. Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the most followed club on social media in the world. But also one of the most hated ones.

Why are the Madrid based club hated, if one may ask? There are several reasons, including the club’s president, its fans, the players playing tactics, the Spanish press, Christiano Ronaldo, and its treatment of its legends.

Which teams are the most hated universally in football?
Real Madrid fans during a past match. The fans are known for their boo and whistle culture. Photo: Oscar J. Barroso
Source: Getty Images

Florentino Perez, Real Madrid’s president, is perhaps one of the most polarising figures of modern-day football. With his arrogant statements and Unpopular policies that stir controversies, The billionaire has earned himself a spot on the fans’ most hated person list number of occasions.

Real Madrid’s fans are some most ungrateful fans out there, for they are known to turn their backs on their very own. Even if it includes their star player, and he was just having a lousy game phase, as was the case for Christiano Ronaldo.

The club’s players are known for using dirty game tricks, which they seem to get away with during matches and have been on the sport light several times over the issue.

The obsession of the Spanish press romanticising Real Madrid is usually another cause of jealousy and hatred from rival teams.

Real Madrid is also hated for how it treats its legends, with the likes of Neymar Jr, Christiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane all citing bad treatment during their tenure in the team

1. Manchester United

Man U is one of the most famous clubs in the world. In almost every country in the world, you’ll find a Manchester United fan. A survey found that they are the third most followed club on social media but have many huge followers who are not on social media.

Which teams are the most hated universally in football?
Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill look on during a match between Man United and Man City on 6 March 2022. Ferguson is credited for leading the team through its glory days. Photo: Alex Livesey
Source: Getty Images

The club is usually associated with wealth, power and success and has been known to buy their way into almost anything, a fact that makes fans from other teams seethe with envy and hatred.

They are known to be glory hunters and are always boastful about their past success, attracting even more hatred from fans.

Sir Alex Ferguson, arguably the best football manager of all time, whom, despite all the achievements, had a reputation for being arrogant and harassing referees to make decisions his way, which caused a lot of hatred amongst other fans.

I hope with the above examples on the most hated teams in football you've learnt a thing or two on what causes the hatred. What is the team that you love to hate? And why do you hate it? let us know below

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