"Prison FC": Social media reacts to claims of Mason Greenwood's alleged domestic violence

"Prison FC": Social media reacts to claims of Mason Greenwood's alleged domestic violence

Stefan Mack
updated at April 12, 2023 at 7:55 PM
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  • Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood is being dragged online following allegations of domestic abuse
  • A young woman has claimed that the football player assaulted her, leaving her bruised and bleeding
  • Social media users are demanding that the striker be sent to prison for his alleged crime

Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood has been dragged on social media following allegations that he assaulted a young woman.

Social media sites have been flooded with pictures of the young woman and allegations of abuse.

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Mason Greenwood has allegedly beat a young woman resulting in him being dragged online. Photo credit: @masongreenwood
Source: Instagram

Social media users have taken to the internet demanding that Mason Greenwood be sent to prison.

The Manchester Evening News has reported that Manchester United is aware of the images and allegations being circulated online. The club condemned the use of all forms of violence and refrained from further comment until more facts come to light.

Here is what people online had to say about it


"Nobody in their right mind can truly defend Mason Greenwood. Can’t believe what I’ve just seen and heard. I hope the girl is okay in all of this."


"I’m sick to the depths of my stomach at Mason Greenwood’s abhorrent behaviour.
There are deeply toxic issues within male culture that need to be addressed.
As a Manchester United fan, I hope he never plays for our club again and I hope he gets the jail time he deserves."


"I don’t care about Mason Greenwood’s football career, that’s gone and should never come back.
What I think we all care about is Harriet Robson getting justice and the help and support that she needs.
She’s incredibly brave for speaking out, and we should all support her."

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