Brazilian U-20 Football Match Interrupted After Knife Is Thrown at Players During Pitch Invasion

Brazilian U-20 Football Match Interrupted After Knife Is Thrown at Players During Pitch Invasion

Rene Otinga
January 25, 2022 at 10:40 AM
  • A Brazilian game was the sight of bizarre scenes as a knife was tossed onto the pitch
  • Opposition supporters stormed onto the pitch, interrupting the match late on
  • Police have since began investigations on how a knife was snuck into the stadium

Bizarre scenes were witnessed in Brazil over the weekend as a knife was thrown onto the field during a football match.

Brazilian U-20 Football Match
There were shocking scenes in Brazilian football on Saturday after a knife was thrown onto the field of play during a pitch invasion in an U20 match.
Source: UGC

The scary incident took place during the Copa Sao Paulo de Futebol Junior clash involving Sao Paulo and Palmeiras.

A number of supporters made their way onto the pitch to confront Palmerias players in injury time, with Sao Paolo trailing 1-0.

With things threatening to spin out of control, Sao Paolo players were forced to try to contain their own supporters in incredible scenes.

Amid the drama, the referee picked up a knife that was apparently tossed onto the pitch from the stands, landing in the penalty area.

As a result of the unsavoury scenes, the match was suspended for approximately six minutes before resuming, Palmeiras eventually went on to win the game 1-0.

Cesar Saad, an officer under the Police Station for Repression of the Crimes of Sports Intolerance, said investigations are underway to determine how a knife had been snuck past security and into the stadium.

"In stoppage time, two fans invaded the pitch, one of them went up and physically attacked a Palmeiras athlete, and the second fan who practised the invasion was contained by the Sao Paulo players themselves,” he said as quoted by Brazilian news outlets.
"At the same moment, some objects were thrown into the field.
"We tried to identify images from the press and fans, the stadium cameras and after a lot of analysis, listening to referees and athletes, we realised that along with the other objects, the knife was thrown on the lawn.
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