Top 10 best female baseball players in the world currently

Top 10 best female baseball players in the world currently

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It is widely believed that only men can play baseball. Women participate in various sports, including basketball, volleyball, softball, and soccer, but you rarely hear them playing baseball. Thoughts to the contrary, females have traditionally engaged in violent play. This does not, however, imply that there are no female baseball players.

Female baseball players
Eri Yoshida, the 18-year-old Knuckle Princess, pitches at a game with her team, the Chico Outlaws, in Chico, California, June 12 2010. Photo: Douglas Keister
Source: Getty Images

Are there female baseball players? Although male participants dominate the baseball game, these top female baseball players have left an indelible mark in the history of the sport, proving that women can do it like men can, and sometimes even better.

10. Dottie Schroeder

Female baseball player
Dorothy “Dottie” Schroeder (1928–1996), shortstop, 1943-1954; 3-time All-Star Team (1952–1954); AAGPBL Championship (1943, 1954) on April 22, 1948. Photo: @AAGPBL on Twitter
Source: UGC

Dorothy Schroeder played for the League from 1943 to 1954. Dottie debuted professionally at age 15 in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. She played the position of shortstop.

During her career, she played 1249 games. Throughout that time, she participated in 571 races. She also smashed 42 home runs in this manner. More impressively, she swiped 372 bases. In addition, she has scored 431 runs.

9. Toni Stone

Black female baseball players
Happy Black History Month- Toni Stone was the first of three women to play professional baseball full-time. Photo: @HerstoryR on Twitter
Source: UGC

There has never been a structured professional league for women baseball players. Many women in baseball have found employment with predominantly male teams for this reason. Black leaguer Tonis Stone suited up for various groups. Marcenia Lyle Stone made history by joining the Blacks league as the first female player.

Toni Stone debuted her major league baseball in 1953 with the Indianapolis Clowns. The Kansas City Monarchs signed her afterwards. However, no one on the team treated her with the respect she deserved, even though she was a member of the male gender. Her sexuality, rather than her skills, was the focus of the audience's attention.

8. Sophie Kurys

USA female baseball players
Sophie Kurys is shown here playing softball in a game between the Racine Belles and the Southbend Blue Jaxs. Photo: @AAGPBL on Twitter
Source: UGC

From 1943 until 1952, Sophie Kurys collected professional baseball innings as a slugging second baseman for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. During that time, she was awarded a slew of medals and plaques of achievement.

Sophie holds the record for the most runs scored in a single game. Also, she has the single-season and overall record for most runs scored. She is considered to be a top female baseball player. She is also the all-time leader in base stealing.

7. Dorothy Kamenshek

Famous female baseball players
Dorothy "Kammie" Kamenshek (1925-2010); lifetime companion: AAGPBL member Marge Wenzell (1925-2014). Photo: @AAGPBL on Twitter
Source: UGC

Dorothy Kamenshek was a first baseman for her team in softball. Outside of that, she occasionally threw the ball as a pitcher. In 1943, she made her professional debut with the Rockford Peaches. In 1953, she formally left her job behind for good.

The 7x All-Star Dorothy won the batting title twice in her life. In 1946 and 1947, she had her best batting seasons. She also holds the record for most hits and total bases in a career. Men's baseball wanted to sign her because of how well she played.

6. Julie Croteau

Australian female baseball players?
Julie Croteau walks on stage at The Billies, presented by The Women's Sports Foundation at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on April 11, 2007, in Beverly Hills, California. Photo: Kevin Winter
Source: Getty Images

Historically, Julie Croteau is recognised as the first female baseball player to compete in the Men's League. In a season of Major League Baseball, only two women have ever played. In MLB's male-dominated league, Croteau is one of only two women. She has always had a passion for the sport of baseball.

She eventually joined the men's team in college. But, her time spent on the boys' team was not positive. The group she was in won the Women's World Series of Baseball, and she was a member of the championship squad. Julie was the staff's third base coach.

5. Jean Faut

Australian female baseball players
Jean Faut, pitcher, 3rd base and outfield, 1946-1953; inducted into the National Women’s Baseball Hall of Fame in 2012. Photo: @AAPGB on Twitter
Source: UGC

Jean Faut is one more excellent female baseball player. From 1946 to 1953, Jean was a member of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. In two different years, Jean was named "Player of the Year." Jean was a two-time winner of the Triple Crown as a pitcher in addition to his four All-Star appearances.

She also had three seasons where she led the league in wins, strikeouts, and ERA. As a result, she deserves recognition as one of the sport's finest female pitchers. In the history of women's baseball, she holds the record for the best lifetime earned run average (ERA) among pitchers. In and of itself, this is evidence of her competence.

4. Ila Borders

Black female baseball players
Ila Borders of the Southern California College baseball team throws a pitch during a game on 25 Feb 1994. Photo: J.D. Cuban
Source: Getty Images

Ila Borders is another great female player. Illa was a pitcher for many different teams. She has received many honours over her career. To her credit, she made history as the first woman to start for and earn victories in men's baseball games as a pitcher.

She had a four-team career in the league. In her second season, she made history by becoming the first female starting pitcher. Her performance, however, declined in later years. She is one of the USA female baseball players.

3. Connie Wisniewski

Are there female baseball players
Connie Wisniewski was the first player named Player of the Year (1945). Photo: @AAGPBL on Twitter
Source: UGC

Connie Wisniewski is the third-best female player. She got time on the mound and in the centre field. From 1944 to 1952, Connie was an All-American Girls Professional Baseball League member. She split her time between two squads throughout that time.

In 1945, Wisniewski was recognised as the best player in the league. The squad included four All-Stars and made it to the postseason eight times. Not only that, but in 1945 and 1946, she led the company in earned run average twice in a single season. About wins, home runs, and total bases in a single season, she also set the record for those categories.

Connie has over 100 wins, making her one of the few pitchers in AAGPBL history to do so. In addition, her proportion of victories is the highest of any player.

Her batting average ranks third best, and her RBI total ranks second best. Her batting average is quite good as well. Her batting average is good enough for fifth place.

2. Eri Yoshida

Famous female baseball players
Eri Yoshida, the 18-year-old Knuckle Princess, at the press conference and autograph session at a game with her team, the Chico Outlaws, in Chico, California, June 12 2010. Photo: Douglas Keister
Source: Getty Images

When compiling our ranking of the top female players, Eri Yoshida was the only woman outside the United States to cut. She is a Japanese-American player. In the pitching rotation, Eri Yoshida is a mainstay. She was only 16 when the Japanese men's squad picked her up.

Yoshida made a name for himself as a high school pitcher. The following day, she was offered a contract to join the local men's team. She was an Arizona Winter League player back in 2009. In addition, she participated in the minor league training camps of the Boston Red Sox.

She joined the Chicago Outlaws and became the first woman to play major league baseball for a team since Ila Borders. She breaks the glass ceiling by being the first female player to compete internationally. She is one of the most famous female baseball players.

1. Doris Sams

Female baseball player
Doris Sams was a 6x All-star and, in ‘47, became the only player to be selected to the All-Star team for two positions (pitcher/outfielder). Photo: @AAGPBL on Twitter
Source: UGC

It is safe to say that Doris Sams is the best female baseball player in history. She played for the Ladies Professional League from 1946 through 1953. Doris was an all-star performer who could be seen in the lineup at multiple positions, including centre field, left field, and pitch centre field. Throughout her career, she has received several awards. At times in her career, she was on simultaneous teams at once.

Doris won the award for Best Player twice. Doris Sams, the star pitcher, had perfect 1947 and 1948 seasons. She also holds the single-season records for most outstanding batting average (in 1949) and most home runs (in 1952). Her career batting average is good for eighth all-time.

With Doris at the plate, she hit.290. There were 22 home runs in her career. She also has 286 total bases batted in. Doris had a 2.16 ERA in the majors. This means that she is considered by many to be the best in her league.

Why do female baseball players throw underhand?

It is because softball pitchers, unlike their male counterparts, toss with their underhands, a popular sport among girls. Some instructors believe throwing an underhand curveball or slider puts less strain on the arm than throwing an overhand fastball or slider.

First female baseball pitcher

First female baseball pitcher
Genevieve Beacom. Photo: @BeacomGenevieve on Twitter
Source: UGC

While just a teenager, one of the Australian female baseball players, Genevieve Beacom, made history when she made her pitching debut with the Melbourne Aces in the Melbourne Challenge Series. The Aces signed a 17-year-old as a development player and was used in the closing innings of a game against the Adelaide Giants, in which he did not contribute with a hit or a run.

Baseball is for both men and women. The efforts of female baseball players like Amanda Clement, Jackie Mitchell, Toni Stone, Maria Pepe, and Ila Borders have kept them connected to the game for decades, beginning in the mid-1800s.

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