Who is currently the best female arm wrestler in the world?

Who is currently the best female arm wrestler in the world?

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Arm wrestling is not one of the most popular games in the world, but it has a steadily growing fanbase. It is a straightforward game that brings out the competitive aspect of people. The female sports version is one of the best with great athletes. Read on to learn about the best female arm wrestler in the world.

female arm wrestler
Katrin Mook (L) and Laura Branding in action at the German arm wrestling championships in the Glueck-Auf-Halle gymnasium in Eisleben, Germany, 08 April 2017. Photo: Sebastian Willnow
Source: Getty Images

The world of female arm wrestling has seen great names such as Lisa Wolfley, Tamara Mitts, Erika Bengtsson and many more. They have created and broken records many have marvelled at with thousands of fans worldwide. Read on to find out more about these incredible athletes.

The best female arm wrestler

Arm wrestling requires strength, focus and mastering of the technique. So, sometimes the best arm wrestlers are not the strongest ones but the ones who have combined the three elements perfectly, especially the technique part.

Who was the best arm wrestler in the world in 2022?

The best female arm wrestler in the world in 2022 was Barbora Bajciova. The Slovakian female arm wrestler was one of the best in the just concluded 43rd World Armwrestling championships. She came first in the 90+kg women left senior women category beating Antonina of Kazakhstan, Merve of Turkiye and Zanna Cingule of Latvia.

She also came in first in the Senior women +90kg right arm division ahead of Rosa Baltodano Acosta of Costa Rica and Antonina Lissyanskaya of Kazakhstan. She won Gold in both events to come out on top as the strongest female arm wrestler in the world in 2023.

The 22-year-old is one of the best in the game, having won the World Championship several times. She won the Junior championship seven times before finally bossing the Seniors' championship four times. The Slovak is best known for her respect for her opponents, as she states,

"During matches, respect is mutual. As I feel towards my opponents, they also feel towards me."

However, she has expressed dissatisfaction with the financing of the events expressing displeasure with how Mr Husar runs the sport. In an interview, she said,

"Especially Mr. Husár should think about how he does sports in Slovakia. Sports are not played on Facebook."

World Champion female arm wrestler

Irina Gladkaya has been the World Champion for 13 years in a row. The Russian female arm wrestler has cemented her position in the sporting world. She proved her prowess by taking on a bunch of beachgoers at Muscle Beach, Miami, Florida.

The best female arm wrestler
World Champion female arm wrestler Irinia Gladkaya. Photo: DailyNewsCatcher
Source: Getty Images

She beat each one of them, even the men leaving many surprised. Some people on the internet even questioned her body posture, which they corrected since it was allowed in the rules. One Reddit user commented that,

"Yes it's legal. I used to watch professional arm wrestling on YouTube all the time and everyone pulls their whole body down."

Swedish female arm wrestler

Sarah Backman is the strongest Swedish arm wrestler. She began her elite career at age 15 and bossed her country by the time she was 18, winning nearly all the world titles. In her career, she won 11 Swedish titles, which is quite impressive.

strongest female arm wrestler
Sarah Backman training in a gym. Photo: Biographymask
Source: UGC

In her fast ascent, she won eight global titles and another eight European titles. She will go down as one of the best Swedish athletes ever.

Canadian female arm wrestler

Sarah Wilson is the current Champion in Canada. She has won the national championship seven times. She derives her inspiration from her father, Earl Wilson, who has 11 World Championships and 34 national titles to his name. Her goal is to emulate him and win more titles as he watches.

Crazy female arm wrestler

Teodoro De Souza is also known as the crazy arm wrestler. She is known for her antics during the game. She often grunts with a wide-eyed posture which has fascinated fans all over. A video of the Brazilian elicited traction on the internet with hundreds of thousands of views.

Who is the greatest arm wrestler?

Who is an undefeated arm wrestler? John Brzenk is recognised as the greatest arm wrestler of all time. The wrestler took after his father and male family members who pulled him towards the game. He won nearly every competition he participated in, defeating the top athletes in every weight class.

Who is the greatest arm wrestler?
John Brzenk posing for a photo. Photo: Playersbio
Source: UGC

Some of his titles include the Golden Bear titles, Absolut Champion, the Harley Pull Titles in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2009, and the Over the Top World Championship. The star also boasts of the USAA National Pro-Am Championship.

Barbora Bajciova is the best female arm wrestler in the world in 2023. This is after she won the last arm wrestling championship. It was the 43rd edition of the event, where she came in first in both the right-hand and the left-hand divisions. Irina Gladkaya is regarded as one of the greatest female arm wrestlers ever.

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