Remembering Andriy Pushkar, the late Ukrainian professional arm wrestler and bodybuilder

Remembering Andriy Pushkar, the late Ukrainian professional arm wrestler and bodybuilder

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Andriy Pushkar was a professional bodybuilder and arm wrestler from Ukraine. The consensus is that he was up there with the all-time best arm wrestlers. Pushkar tragically lost his life in a car accident in 2008. Throughout his illustrious career, the professional wrestler garnered numerous accolades and titles from his achievements over prominent figures in the industry.

Andriy Pushkar
The late Andriy Pushkar, the Ukranian arm wrestler and bodybuilder. Photo: @pushkarandriy (modified by author)
Source: UGC

It was among the worst losses in arm wrestling history when the legendary died. He was unrivalled as an arm wrestler for the first two decades of this century. Andrey Pushkar possessed all the qualities one may want in a champion: he was powerful, intelligent, intuitive, and able to outlast his opponents.

Profile summary



Full name

Andriy Pushkar



Date of birth

August 6, 1985

Date of death

November 14, 2018

Place of birth

Kremenets, Ukraine






1.92m (6'4")


125kg (275lbs)

Marital status



Svetlana Pushkar




Arm wrestler

Net worth

$3 million

Social media


Andriy Pushkar's biography

Andriy Pushkar's biography
The late Ukranian arm wrestler, Andriy Pushkar. Photo: @pushkarandriy(modified by author)
Source: UGC

The professional arm wrestler and bodybuilder was born on August 6, 1985, and passed away on November 14, 2018. Andriy was born in the Ukrainian city of Kremenets.

Andriy Pushkar's height and weight

At an impressive 6 feet 4 inches (1.92 meters) tall, the athlete is around 125 kilograms (276 pounds). Pushkar's biceps are roughly 50 cm long, and his arm is about 45 cm in circumference.

Andriy Pushkar's education

Andriy was incredibly bright and well-educated. His educational background includes a degree in accounting from the Ternopil National University of Economics and a diploma from the Kremenets Regional Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute.

From 2005 until his death, Andriy was the arm wrestling instructor at Ternopil National University of Economics. Andrey taught arm wrestling to kids and college students. When Andriy won the Ukrainian Arm Wrestling Championship in 2006, he was named an "Honored Master of Sports."

Is Andrey Pushkar Dead?

His death was a result of a tragic accident that occurred in the Rivne region on November 14, 2018. He was travelling with Oleg Zhokh and Oleg's father. As Oleg slipped into a coma, his father passed away.

The athlete was reportedly seen driving a Citroën. Oncoming traffic caused him to lose control of the car, leading to a truck collision. The accident happened on a highway between the towns of Krupets and Hai-Lev'yatyns'ki.

Andrey Pushkar's professional career

Andriy Pushkar's career
Andriy Pushkar in arm wrestling competitions. Photo: @pushkarandriy (modified by author)
Source: UGC

He took part in the European Championships by the time he was seventeen years old. When the EAF Championship was held in 2003, Pushkar placed second in the heavyweight division.

He never had a championship medal before this win. However, he did not appear in the 2003 World Championship records.

As a result, he won the 110+ kg men's senior left-hand division. At the 2004 World Championships, he placed second in the men's 110+ KG right and left categories.

When the European Men's Masters 100 Kg Championships were held in 2005, Pushkar placed third in both divisions. He won the right-hand division in the 2006 World Championships a year later. He went so far as to take third place in the men's 100 kg+ left-hand class through arm wrestling.

Andrey Pushkar's titles

The Ukrainian arm wrestler has repeatedly won many significant titles in his life. The most famous of them:

  • 2003 World Cup Winner.
  • A-1 winner in 2014, where he was able to defeat Denis Tsyplenkov.
  • She defeated John Brezenk and Farid Osmanli, who were rivals for him, the highest class.
  • Winner of the Ukrainian Championship in 2015 and the Golden Tour tournament in Poland.
  • World heavyweight champion in 2016, where he defeated the powerful Dmitry Trubin from Kazakhstan.

Andrey Pushkar’s training and nutrition regimen

Andrey Pushkar Photos
Andriy Pushkar effortlessly won numerous arm wrestling competitions. Photo: @pushkarandriy (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Andriy would exercise for 1.5 to 2 hours thrice a week to develop his strength for Arm Wrestling. Andriy had a highly tailored regimen he created for himself regarding his training. He has remarkable flexibility despite his bulk and mighty arms.

In his quest to become an Arm Wrestling Champion, Andrey routinely benches 200 kg and trains with 45 dumbbells. Pushkar argued in favour of specialized education because of his belief that leg muscles were unimportant for Arm Wrestling.

What Andriy ate was also something about which he knew a lot. A low-fat, high-protein diet is what Pushkar would strive for. On a typical day, Andrey would eat four to six meals, all heavy in protein.

Eggs, fish, meat, milk, and protein shakes were Andriy's staples regarding protein. Before lunch, Pushkar would consume most of his carbs for the day. He enjoyed supplementation, particularly amino acids, protein powder, creatine, and various vitamins.

Andrey Pushkar's arm wrestling record

Andriy Pushkar's titles
Pushkar Andriy poses with various arm wrestling trophies. Photo: @pushkarandriy (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Andriy Pushkar won the World Cup seven times as a professional, fifteen times on the world stage, and sixteen times in Europe. Throughout his career, he garnered around two hundred medals from competitions in Ukraine and over thirty nations around the globe.

Not only that, but he won the "Together with the Olympians" prize at the "Heroes of the Sports Year of the Ternopil Region - 2015" contest and received the jubilee medal 25 Years of Independence of Ukraine" from the Ukrainian president.

Andrey Pushkar's net worth

Estimates put the bodybuilder's 2018 net worth at $3 million. As a bonus, his income was likely in the millions by that point.

Andrey Pushkar's wife

Andriy Pushkar's wife
Andriy Pushkar and his wife, Svetlana Pushkar, and their child. Photo: @pushkarandriy (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The sportsman from Ukraine was wed to Svetlana Pushkar. He looked up to his wife as a beacon of hope. The happy couple welcomed a son into their marriage some time ago.

He has been seen in public with his wife on several occasions. The duo also shared numerous images of themselves on Instagram. Whatever the case, Pushkar never blurred the line between his private and public lives. Together with Pushkar, she spearheaded an activist group called "Pushkar Team School."

Final word

If Andriy Pushkar were still living today, he would undoubtedly be regarded as the most outstanding arm wrestler, if not the greatest. In addition to his self-control and concentration at the table, Andrey's contributions to the community outside of it were his strong suits.

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