VIDEO: 7-Year-Old Pool Prodigy Drives Spectators Crazy With Skills

VIDEO: 7-Year-Old Pool Prodigy Drives Spectators Crazy With Skills

Keba Mothoagae
updated at April 12, 2023 at 8:20 PM
  • A video is doing the rounds on Facebook in which a royal hiding is handed out on the pool table
  • Staggeringly, the player is a seven-year-old Ugandan boy called Herbert Mukisa
  • The boy made light work of his older opponent, subjecting him to a humiliating whitewash

If you encounter a little man called Herbert Mukisa on the pool table, run for the hills if you don't trust your skills.

A viral video emerged on Facebook of the seven-year-old Ugandan subjecting an unfortunate opponent of his to a humiliating whitewash defeat. Spectators couldn't hold their excitement, losing their minds at the breathtaking skill on display.

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Herbert Mukinsa goes on the rampage on a pool table. Image source: PETER Kyobe - LIVE POOL.
Source: Facebook

The Facebook page on which the video is hosted, PETER Kyobe - LIVE POOL, wrote:

"Meanwhile, meet Herbert Mukisa, a 7-yr old Primary 1 pupil who plays pool during holidays at New Taxi park pool table run by his uncle. He always excites crowds with his young skill. No doubt the future is secured."

At the time of publication, the video has garnered one million viewers and counting.

Keith Hunnan wrote:

"My man jumped on the table on his back and slapped his booty in excitement. Hahah too funny . Gotta love the energy."

Jaco Drury joked:

"I wonder if that was his uncle on the table at the end, cheering at all of the money he has made out of his nephews win?. . Nevertheless, some fantastic pool skills for the young lad."

Isaac Kamundi said:

"Minor this is un offence punishable by the law"

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