What is Jody Allen's net worth, and how many sports teams does she own?

What is Jody Allen's net worth, and how many sports teams does she own?

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From real estate to arts, philanthropy, wildlife and ocean conservation, Jody Allen's wealth is also tied to sports entrepreneurship. Following her brother's untimely demise, she inherited the ownership of two National Football League teams, the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers. Dig in and discover all the details of Jody Allen's net worth.

Jody Allen's net worth
Jody Allen, the Portland Trail Blazers owner, watched a game during the 2019 NBA Playoffs at Moda Center on April 14, 2019, in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Steve Dykes.
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What is the net worth of the Seattle Seahawks owner? Statista states that the Seattle Seahawks are valued at $5 billion, while the Portland Trail Blazers franchise's value is estimated at $3.08 billion. This article dives into the wealth and success of the NFL and NBA teams' owner, Jody Allen, as of 2023.

Jody Allen's profile summary

Full name

Jo Lynn Allen





Date of birth



64 years old as of 2023

Place of birth

Wedgewood, Seattle, Washington, United States

Current residence






Hair colour


Eye colour



Kenneth Samuel Allen


Edna Faye Gardner


The late Paul Gardner Allen

Date of death

15th October 2018

Relationship status


Former spouse

Brian Patton




Whitman College


Philanthropist, Entrepreneur

Net worth

$20.3 billion

How old is Jody Allen?

Born in 1959, the Seattle Seahawks owner and fan's estimated age is 64 years old as of 2023. However, details of her birth date and month remain unclear.

Jody Allen net worth according to Forbes
Portland Trail Blazers owner Jody Allen walks on the court before a game against the Indiana Pacers at Moda Center on December 04, 2022, in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Soobum Im.
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How much is Jody Allen's net worth?

Following her brother's death in 2018, Jody Allen's net worth increased to $20.3 billion, according to Forbes. However, reports suggest that the late tech visionary's wealth has drastically reduced since his death. Details of Jody Allen's net worth as of 2023 remain unknown at the time of writing.

What does Jody Allen do?

At the time of writing, Jody is the chair for Vulcan, a real estate firm founded in 1986. She also sits at the helm of the National Football League's Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle Seahawks. She is the president and board chair of board chair and president of the PGA Family Foundation, founded in 1988, and chairs the Alen Institute board.

Jo Lynn is the founding director of the Museum of Pop Culture or MoPOP. Additionally, she serves on boards of various other art organisations, including the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, ArtsFund, Museum of Glass, the Los Angeles International Film Festival, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

How did Jody Allen make her money?
Paul Allen (left), Jody Patton (centre) and Bruce Willis (right) attended the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, Over The Hedge Party, on May 21, 2006. Photo by Jesse Grant.
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How many businesses does Jody Allen own?

Like her brother, Jody is a prolific businesswoman whose mandate since 2018 has been to realise her brother's vision for future generations. Other ventures run by the family include an institute for artificial intelligence, a science fiction museum, a brain research institute and Vulcan Productions.

Which investments does Jody Allen have?

As a philanthropic endeavour, the brother-sister duo invested heavily in wildlife conservation, funding efforts to end wildlife trafficking and promoting ocean health. Other investments include fine arts, tech and global real estate stocks.

Which teams does Jody Allen own?

In addition to the National Basketball Association's Trail Blazers and the NFL's Seahawks, Jody holds minority ownership in the Major League Soccer’s Seattle Sounders. In April 2023, the Sports Business Journal announced plans by Jody to purchase a G-League affiliate team for the Portland Trail Blazers. The G-League president Shareef Abdur-Rahim later announced the Trail Blazer's readiness to play a team in the 2023/24 season, saying,

How did Jody Allen make her money?
Jody Allen (centre) acknowledges Seahawks fans before a game against the Los Angeles Rams on October 3, 2019, at Century Link Field in Seattle. Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire.
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"I am excited to welcome Jody and the Trail Blazers ownership group to the NBA G League family. I can not wait to watch the team tip off at the Chiles Center next season."

Is Jody Allen selling the Seahawks?

According to tabloids, Paul's will and testament set plans for the sale of the Seattle Seagawks alongside other property. However, Jody spoke to the Wall Street Journal in response to queries on the same, outlining her desire to retain ownership of the team until after 2025.

Will the Portland Trail Blazers be sold?

Despite rumours circulating of sale negotiations happening, Jody has maintained her decision not to sell the teams. However, potential owners, Phil Knight and Alan Smolinisky, have reportedly set their sights on the billion-dollar team valued at $1.85 billion.

Where does Jody Allen live?

As of 2016, the late Seattle Seahawks owner's estate included an expansive real-estate portfolio. At various points, the estate included Allan Island, 12 Mercer Island homes, a French Riviera mansion, the Teton Ridge Ranch, a Beverly Hills home, and a Malibu Carbon Beach home. Other properties include a $25 million Upper Eastside apartment, a $27 million house in California's Silicon Valley, a 10-acre home in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and international homes in France and London.

Frequently asked questions

As the chairperson of various ventures, including the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers, Jody has earned significant fame. Here are some facts about the 12th Man.

How rich is the Seahawks owner?
Frank Gehry (left), Jody Allen-Patton (centre) and Paul Allen (right) at the grand opening of the Experience Music Project museum on June 23, 2000, in Seattle. Photo by Dan Levine/AFP.
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Born in 1953, Paul is Jody's older brother. The brother and sister duo have worked together, even co-founding numerous businesses and ventures.

2. Who is Jody Allen's husband?

Jody was married to Brian Patton, a golf course manager, between 1988 and 2009. According to the Seattle Weekly, the couple had a contentious separation. One of Patton's accusations against her regarded exorbitant shopping sprees was that she purchased enough items to fill the entire cargo hold of their private plane.

3. Does Jody Allen have kids?

Over the course of the 21-year-long marriage, the couple sired three sons, Duncan, Faye, and Gardner Patton. Alongside his sister, the billionaire NBA team named his nephews as beneficiaries of his fortune upon his death.

Does Jody Allen have to sell the Seahawks?
Jody Allen (left), Damian Lillard (centre), and the Trail Blazers' head coach, Terry Stotts (right), are pictured at Moda Center on February 09, 2020, in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Abbie Parr.
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4. What caused Paul Allen's death?

On the 15th of October 2008, the Microsoft co-founder passed away at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. According to various sources, his death was caused by septic shock, a complication of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

5. Who is the beneficiary of Paul Allen's estate?

Following Paul Allen's death, Jody became the trustee of his estate. Among other provisions in his will, Paul included his nephews as beneficiaries of his expansive wealth.

6. Why was Paul Allen so rich?

The former NBA team owner was known by several names, such as the Idea Man and the Accidental Zillionaire. Unknown to many, he was instrumental in creating and establishing Microsoft. Although he parted ways with Bill Gates, the former Microsoft CEO, his $20.3 billion fortune was accumulated through the software company.

7. What are some interesting facts about Paul Allen?

In 2018, the billionaire financially saved a little-known preschool, the Orcas Island Children’s House. Additionally, in 2004, he won the X Prize, an award for the first privately funded venture to go to space twice in a span of two weeks.

Final word

After acquiring her brother's wealth, Jody Allen's net worth has grown exponentially. The family's fortune continues to impact various aspects of human life, including sports.

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