TORRAS Ostand Enters Into Sponsorship Collaboration With the Dallas Mavericks

TORRAS Ostand Enters Into Sponsorship Collaboration With the Dallas Mavericks

Martin Moses
June 13, 2024 at 8:41 AM
  • NBA finalists, Dallas Mavericks, and stand case creator, TORRAS, have been in a partnership for nearly a year now
  • TORRAS has introduced two new pacesetting phone cases into the market under their new slogan titled 'be here now'
  • The company also has portable ACs, the COOLiFY, which helps in managing temperature perception challenges
Torras; Dallas Mavericks; Ostand Spin; Ostand R cases
TORRAS' brand members will receive exclusive Mavericks customized peripherals for free.
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Reputable retailer of phone cases and other assorted home appliances, TORRAS, has launched a new flagship product - the Ostand 360° Series phone case.

The company has partnered with the 2024 NBA finalists, the Dallas Mavericks, for almost one year.

The two have worked on several offline activities, including charity events, as they strive to promote robust membership activity full of team spirit.

TORRAS Ostand, Dallas Mavericks, NBA finals, Ostand 360° Series Cases
A sample of TORRAS products. Credit: @torras_global.
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The collaboration has been in tandem with TORRAS' new slogan, be here now, which encourages everyone to be their better selves.

The Mavs beat the Minnesota Timberwolves in game five of the Western Conference finals to compete for the Larry O'Brien Trophy against Eastern Conference champions, the Boston Celtics.

TORRAS organized two events at the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas, where Mavericks fans engaged in small interactive games. On the court late last year, a blindfolded lucky fan walked away with a gift package full of TORRAS products.

How the TORRAS Ostand cases work

The company has now unveiled the Ostand Spin and Ostand R Cases to enhance user experience for a more convenient digital life and to introduce new styles into the market.

The Ostand Spin has a rotating magnetic ring, which allows for different rotation patterns and the ability to stick it on metallic surfaces. A user can also scroll videos and take selfies with one hand. It also supports MagSafe accessories for stable and highly efficient charging.

The case is also fitted with 12 airbags and a full-body airbag with raised lens protection in case the phone slips. It has a frosted and textured feel, which gives it a super classic and fashionable design.

TORRAS will soon open invitations for universal partners for users who place orders through their official website. After the finals, users who placed orders for any product during the games and did not return the products will become TORRAS' brand members. They will receive exclusive Mavericks customized peripherals for free every month and enjoy a discount of up to 50%.

Besides the phone cases, TORRAS also deals with portable air conditioners called COOLiFY, which assists individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in managing temperature perception challenges. It helps users who struggle with temperature perception issues due to autism or heatstroke.

TORRAS has committed to dedicate 50% of the sales received during the finals to support sports development.

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