From Stephen Curry to Damian Lillard, Top 5 Players With the Most Three Pointers in an NBA Game

From Stephen Curry to Damian Lillard, Top 5 Players With the Most Three Pointers in an NBA Game

Edwin Kiplagat
updated at December 5, 2023 at 12:51 PM
  • The NBA is now dominated by three-pointers
  • Stephen Curry's explosion influenced NBA teams to shift to a more three-point-oriented style
  • Curry, Klay Thompson and others have made thousands of threes

The NBA underwent a three-point revolution in the last decade.

The three-point line was added to the league in the 1979/1980 season, but it took some time for the three-point shot to take off.

In the last decade, Golden State Warriors backcourt Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and other NBA stars like Damian Lillard have been spearheading the three-point revolution.

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Stephen Curry is considered the best shooter in basketball history. Photos by Lauren Leigh Bacho/NBAE, Ezra Shaw, and Issac Baldizon/NBAE.
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Those three players have each made at least 2000 three-pointers in their careers. In the last few years, three-pointers have been the focal points for many teams.

Curry has the most three-pointers in NBA history, and he holds several three-point records in the league. However, he is not the player with the most threes in an NBA game. Sports Brief looks at players with the most three-pointers in an NBA game.

Most threes in NBA game

5. 10 threes - Steph Curry

The Warriors legend is the best three-point shooter of all time. The 35-year-old has 23 games with at least 10 three-pointers in a game. The next players on the list have 23 career games with 10-plus three-pointers combined. Klay Thompson has 9 games with 10 threes, Damian Lillard has five, while Zach LaVine, James Harden and Jr Smith have five each. No other player has more than one.

4. 11 threes - Stephen Curry

Four players in NBA history have multiple games with 12 three points. The usual suspects are Curry, Lillard, LaVine and Thompson. Curry has 12 games NBA games with 11 three-pointers.

3. 12 threes - Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant

Warriors sharpshooter Thompson is always in the shadow of his teammate Curry, who always gets all the attention. The shooting guard has had a few heat-check moments in his NBA career. He has three games with 12 three-pointers, while his sidekick has two.

Other players with 12 three-pointers in a game are Donyell Marshall and Kobe Bryant.

2. 13 threes - Curry, Lillard, LaVine

Here is where you get the GOAT shooters in the NBA. Three players, Curry, Thompson, Lillard and LaVine, have one game each of at least 13 three-pointers.

The latest player to achieve that milestone was Lillard when he was a member of the Portland Trail Blazers. Lillard scored a career-high 71 points as they beat the Houston Rockets on February 26, 2023.

1. Klay Thompson - 14

Thompson stands alone as the only player with 14 threes in an NBA game. This milestone came on October 29, 2018. He dropped 52 points and drilled 14 three-pointers in just 27 minutes and helped the Warriors decisively win 149-124.

Thompson's hot streaks are one of the best things for NBA fans. He scored a record 37 points in a single quarter during a January 2015 victory over the Sacramento Kings. He also scored 60 points in three quarters against the Indiana Pacers in 2016. His moniker 'Game 6 Klay' was born after he saved the Warriors from elimination in the 2016 Western Conference finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

He dropped 41 points and 11 threes.

All stats courtesy of Statmuse.

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Origin of 'Game 6 Klay'

Sports Brief earlier reported on the origin of 'Game 6 Klay'.

A Game 5 win against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2016 Western Conference finals set the stage for one of the most iconic performances in NBA history.

On May 28, 2016, Thompson erupted for 41 points and drained 11 3-pointers in Game 6, helping the Warriors force a Game 7, which they went on to win.

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