How much is a 10 day contract in the NBA? Everything explained

How much is a 10 day contract in the NBA? Everything explained

Steve Njuguna
March 30, 2023 at 10:47 AM

Every NBA franchise plays 82 games in the regular season alone. This massive amount of games can take a physical toll on the players, leading teams to get more players on short-term contracts. Today, we go into how much a 10 day contract is in the NBA.

How much is a 10-day contract in the NBA?
Isaiah Thomas during a short-term stint at the Charlotte Hornets. Today we go into the world of NBA 10-day contracts. Photo by Kent Smith/NBAE
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10-day contracts are seen by many ex-NBA players or development players (G-League) as a way of impressing teams with their skills. Players who play well during those contracts may see themselves getting full-time deals. Teams also use these players to bridge any gaps in their playing units caused by injuries or suspensions.

How do NBA contracts work?

NBA contracts depend on whether you are signed to the team's active roster or considered a supporting player. Contracts for rookies or inexperienced players at the bottom of the food chain follow 10-day contracts and two-way contracts. Experienced players earn the most significant contracts, especially those who have won awards such as all-star selections or MVP titles.

How do NBA contracts work?
Lebron James during the 2023 all-star game. Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE
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What is a 10-day contract in the NBA?

Every year after January 5, the league allows teams to sign players on a short-term basis due to injuries within the playing unit. The contract lasts ten days or three games. He can be granted a second 10-day contract if he proves his worth. If the team feels the player is good enough to continue with them, he will receive a contract deal to put him on the team's official NBA roster.

How much is a 10-day NBA contract worth?

The amount paid is relative to the player's experience and value to the team. Some of the lesser-known League players earn a minimum of $61,000, while more experienced NBA veterans earn above $150,000.

What is the best 10-day contract in the NBA?

Many players have seen success during their 10-day contract periods. The most impressive so far has been former NBA All-Star Lance Stephenson. Lance put up a 30-point performance against the Brooklyn Nets on 5th February 2002 after joining the Indiana Pacers on a 10-day contract. He ended up re-signing for the rest of the season.

Lance is believed to be the best 10 day contract in the NBA
Lance's short-term spell at Indiana encouraged the team to sign him for the rest of the season. Photo by Justin Casterline
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How many 10-day contracts can a player sign?

The maximum number of 10-day contracts a player can sign with one team is two. However, an additional agreement can be allowed under a hardship exception in case of team emergencies such as long-term injuries and Covid outbreaks.

How much is a two-way contract in the NBA?

A two-way contract allows a player to play for both their NBA team and its development league affiliate. These contracts are usually given to young players trying to play their way into the NBA or older players who lost team slots and are now trying to get back to top shape. The rule started in the 2017-18 season. The minimum amount a two-way player can be paid is an overall salary of $449,155.

How much is a two-way contract in the NBA?
G League players battle for the ball in a playoff game. Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE
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What happens after a 10-day contract?

If a player impresses during the contract, a team can give him a long-term deal depending on their cap space. An example is Phoenix suns guard Saben Lee who was signed to a long-term two-way deal after impressing during two 10-day spells.

These contracts are beneficial to both the players and the NBA teams. The teams plug any personnel gaps they have while the players get an opportunity to display their talents at the highest level. That's why it is essential to debunk how much a 10-day contract is in the NBA.

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