What does a centre do in the game of basketball? Understanding the role of the big man

What does a centre do in the game of basketball? Understanding the role of the big man

Babu Tendu
January 25, 2023 at 3:44 AM

The centre position is one of the most important positions in basketball. They control the paint, rebound, and protect the rim. Centres must be able to score in the post, set screens, and make passes out of double teams. So, what does a centre do in basketball? Let's get right into what a center does.

What does a center do in basketball?
What does a center do in basketball? Understanding the role of the big man. Photo by Michael Gonzales. (Modified by author).
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They must also be able to defend against bigger players in the post and on the perimeter. Centres are often considered the backbone of a team's defence and offence, and their size and strength allow them to control the game from both ends of the court.

What are the five positions in basketball?

The five traditional positions in basketball are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and centre. The point guard is typically the squad's primary ball-handler and playmaker, responsible for bringing the ball up the court and initiating the team's offensive plays.

They are usually the smallest and quickest player on the squad and have good ball-handling skills, vision and passing ability. The shooting guard is usually the squad's best perimeter shooter and scorer and is often responsible for creating scoring opportunities for themselves and others.

They typically play on the wing and are usually taller and more athletic than the point guard. The small forward is a versatile, well-rounded player who can handle the ball, shoot, and defend.

They are usually taller, more athletic than the shooting guard, and often the team's best all-around player. The power forward is a strong, physical player who can play inside and rebound, while the centre is the squad's tallest player and is responsible for playing defence and scoring in the paint. They are usually the tallest player on the team and the last line of defence.

What does a forward centre do in basketball?

A forward centre in basketball is typically responsible for playing both the forward and centre positions on the court. They are typically taller and stronger players who can play inside and outside. They often have good shooting skills and can grab rebounds and block shots.

What should a center do in basketball?
Malaki Branham of the San Antonio Spurs looks to pass the ball during the game against the Brooklyn Nets on January 17, 2023, at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. Photos by Michael Gonzales.
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What is the centre in basketball?

In basketball, this position is typically played by the tallest sportsperson on the team. Their primary responsibilities are to defend the opposing team's centre and to rebound the ball. They also score by receiving passes close to the basket and attempting to score with a layup or dunk.

What is a point centre in basketball?

In basketball, the point guard (often called the "1" or "lead guard") is typically the team's best ball handler and passer, responsible for bringing the ball up the court and setting up the team's offence. They are also typically the team's best defenders on the opposing point guard.

Power forward in basketball

A power forward in basketball is typically a taller and stronger sportsperson who plays in the frontcourt (near the basket) and is responsible for scoring, rebounding and playing defence. They often play inside and outside on the court and are typically used to match up against the opposing team's forwards.

What should a centre do in basketball?

A centre in basketball is typically the tallest sportsman on the team and plays in the frontcourt, near the basket. Their main responsibilities include:

1. Scoring

They typically score points by playing close to the basket and using their size and strength to get good positioning for shots and rebounds.

2. Rebounding

They are often the team's best rebounders, as their height and jumping ability allow them to grab more rebounds than other lads.

3. Defense

They protect the basket and block shots. They also often guard the opposing team's centre.

4. Setting screens

They often set screens (legal blocks) for the guards to allow them to get open for shots.

5. Playing with High energy and intensity

They are expected to be the energy source for the team and pump them up.

What does the centre do in basketball?

In addition to their traditional role, many modern centres have expanded their game to include more perimeter skills, such as shooting 3-pointers and handling the ball. These centres often called "Stretch 5s," add an extra dimension to their team's offence and can spread the floor for their teammates.

Some of the most notable centres in the NBA today include Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers, Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets, and Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz. These sportsmen are known for their dominant inside play, rebounding, and shot-blocking abilities and are considered among the best in the league at their position.

What does a centre do in basketball? As a centre in basketball, one's primary responsibilities are to control the paint on both ends of the court, rebound, and defend the basket. On the offensive end, centres are often the primary target for passes in the post and are responsible for scoring close to the basket.

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