Which is the best engine for drag racing? A top 10 list

Which is the best engine for drag racing? A top 10 list

Grace Waruguru
updated at September 12, 2023 at 4:07 AM

What is the best engine for drag racing? The engine's quality directly affects the vehicle's performance, and horsepower enthusiasts have been eager to discover which one works best and the features that support it. Check out the top 10 engines for drag racing.

best engine for drag racing
Drag racing car engines are customized to handle high speeds without affecting the vehicle's stability. Photo: Oli Scarff
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Drag racing is a form of motorsports where two contestants compete side by side on a 1/4 mile drag strip. With several competitions being held every year, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) regulates racers and the modifications they can make to their cars. Keep reading to see a ranked list of the best engines drag racers can use today.

Which are the best engines for drag racing?

What engines are used in drag racing? The best are those that facilitate maximum speed and acceleration without affecting other details of the car, including its weight. They combine several factors for the best horsepower combination in a racing car. Here are the top 10 engines for the sport:

10. Steve Morris Engines Procharger

This supercharger is a product of Super Morris Engines and can produce horsepower of up to 2500. The machine is used in drag racing applications and can be paired with several engine configurations. The Procharger weighs between 30 and 40 pounds.

9. Nelson Racing Engines LSX

The Nelson Racing Engines LSX is made of an aluminium block and cylinder heads and ranks among the best small-block engines for drag racing. With proper modifications, the engine can hit 2500 horsepower. With a weight of 600 pounds, this machine is popular among racers because of its reliability and high-power output.

8. ProCharger F4X

best engine for drag racing in pixel car racer
Drag racing engines are based on the class of the vehicle and what the driver wants to do with it, Photo: David Allio
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The ProCharger FX engine is among the best street racing engines, with 3000 horsepower. It is frequently used as an engine booster in drag racing applications and weighs approximately 40 pounds.

7. Keith Black Hemi

Keith Black is a renowned company specializing in engines and other car parts. The drag racing engine is among the top-ranking performers and can produce up to 3000 horsepower. The machine weighs between 500 and 600 pounds.

6. F1X

F1X is used for Ferrari cars and is among the best engines for drag racing in a pixel car race. It can boost the vehicle's horsepower to 2953 points and customize its weight according to the specific functions or features of the car.

5. Borowski 427 ci LS Engine

This machine is among the best LS engines for drag racing. It is customized to run on methanol, but it can also run on gasoline. The LS machine has 2500 horsepower and uses the Emtron Engine Management System. It is made of copper head gaskets with O-rings that help handle the high power boosting level.

4. 429 'Ninja' Ford

best small block engine for drag racing
Funny drag racing cars can produce horsepower of up to 11,000. Photo: Oli Scarff
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The 429 'Ninja' Ford is 429 inches long and is undoubtedly one of the best Ford engines for drag racing. The engine is a dragstrip beast and an alternative to the 2014 CJ. Its features include Yates-style D3 heads, a lift cam, and a composite intake.

3. 6L Turbocharged I4

One of the best Chevy engines for drag racing is the 6L Turbocharged 14. The 1.6-litre Turbo engine features prominently in the World Touring Car Championships (WTCC) and has more wins than any other manufacturer.

2. K-Series Engine

One of the best Honda engines for drag racing is the K-Series, comprising the K20, K24, and K20C1. The machine was introduced in 2001 as an upgrade from the B series. This class of engines comes with DOHC (Dual Overhead Camshafts) valvetrains and uses roller rockers to reduce friction. Additionally, the K-Series uses a computer-controlled ignition timing system based on different sensor inputs.

1. Super Stock 426 Hemi

This engine is among the best engines to build for drag racing. It was built by Charlie Westcott Jr. to NHRA Super Stock specifications and produces over 900 horsepower. The Hemi goes by the nickname Elephant' because of its massive size. The Super Stock 426 Hemi can be modified per the driver's or car's preferences.

Which is the best engine oil for drag racing?

best LS engine for drag racing
A Top Fuel Dragster does a burnout during World Drag Racing series by NHRA in April 2023. Photo: Jeff Speer
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Drag racing car engines are different from standard car engines. The proper engine oil should keep the car lubricated, cool, clean, and sealed. There are three categories of oils: synthetic racing, mineral, and semi-synthetic. Your oil of choice should be high-performance with the necessary additives, including moly, boron, and anti-wear additives.

The best engine for drag racing should enhance the vehicle's performance under high speeds and different conditions. Additionally, these machines should maintain their power regardless of the high speeds. As the versions continue to be upgraded to fit the changing car conditions, fans will be tracking their favourite vehicles' performances on the drag strip.

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