Nigeria’s Horatius Alonu Impresses at EFC 113 With Victory Over South Africa’s Cole Henning

Nigeria’s Horatius Alonu Impresses at EFC 113 With Victory Over South Africa’s Cole Henning

Byron Pillay
May 9, 2024 at 6:49 PM

The rivalry between Nigeria and South Africa continued when Horatious Alonu took on Cole Henning.

Alonu, who hails from Lagos in Nigeria, took on South Africa’s Henning, known as the Hitman.

Horatious Alonu wasted no time in the second round as he defeated South Africa's Cole Henning.
Nigeria's Horatious Alonu defeated Cole Henning, impressive after a nine-year absence from the EFC. Image: Vaughn Humphrey.
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The first round between the two proved to be a pretty even affair, as neither man wanted to overcommit. Alonu and Henning traded leg kicks, but neither really threatened.

That changed towards the end of the first round when Henning took down Alonu.

The South African finished the round wrong, ending it in the top position. While he didn’t do much with his position, the judges felt it may have been to steal him the round.

Alonu outclasses Henning in round 2

While the first round saw both fighters ease into the bout, the second was all action.

Alonu connected with a nice head kick after a combo of punches, which rocked the Hitman a bit.

Horatious Alonu defeated Cole Henning in round two of their fight at EFC 113.
Horatious Alonu landed a nasty kick, that set him up for victory against Cole Henning at EFC 113. Image: Lance Humphrey Photography.
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Realising that the head kick was the best option, he threw another, which knocked the South African to the ground.

The Nigerian followed up with brutal shots at his grounded opponent, forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight.

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