Featherweight Champion Igeu Kabesa Aims to Outclass Reinaldo Ekson in EFC 110 Main Event

Featherweight Champion Igeu Kabesa Aims to Outclass Reinaldo Ekson in EFC 110 Main Event

Byron Pillay
updated at February 13, 2024 at 11:54 AM
  • Reinaldo Ekson is only one of two men to have beaten Igeu Kabesa in a professional MMA fight
  • Smiley is the most dominant champion on the African continent and aims to prove it once more
  • Kabesa now wants to outclass Ekson during the rematch at EFC 110 for the Featherweight belt

Igeu Kabesa is out to prove once again why he is the greatest MMA champion on the African continent.

Smiley is the reigning EFC Featherweight champion and will defend his title in the main event of EFC 110 against Reinaldo Ekson.

Igeu Smiley Kabesa
Igeu Kabesa is confident that he can beat Reinaldo Ekson in their rematch at EFC 110. Image: Anton Geyser/EFC Worldwide/ Byron Pillay.
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Kabesa, who is a legend in local MMA, has only lost two fights in his professional career, with one of those losses coming against Ekson.

The Brazilian shocked the world when he beat Smiley in round one of their title fight at EFC 86 in June 2021, IOL reported.

Now looking for revenge, Kabesa aims to prove their first fight was a fluke and that he is the champion for a reason.

Speaking exclusively to Sports Brief, Kabesa said that he feels the best that he ever has and is feeling strong.

While his training camp for the fight was hard and long, he admitted that he loved every month, week, day, hour, minute, and second of it.

"I grew so much as an athlete, and as a person. I found out a lot about who am I," the champion said.

With confidence running high, Smiley also touched on his prediction for the fight.

“Well, it would be nice [to finish it] in the first round, but I want it to go all five rounds. I want to outclass him and make him remember me for the rest of his life," Kabesa stated.

The previous loss isn’t bugging the champion either, as he explained that he knew he could beat the Brazilian following that defeat.

Kabesa’s last victory

An absolute workhorse of the EFC, Kabesa has not stepped in the Hexagon since June this year when he faced Vince Bembe for the belt.

Smiley needed just one round to dispatch the challenger and retain his title.

Why Kabesa isn't an international star yet

As the greatest Featherweight on the African continent, Kabesa is considered a sure bet to be signed by the UFC or PFL.

During the post-event press conference for EFC 104, he touched on why he hasn’t signed for an overseas promotion yet.

Sports Brief also previously reported that due to his parents being refugees, they were never able to properly register him.

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