MamaJoy Chauke Cost South African Taxpayers R1.3 Million Just for Rugby World Cup

MamaJoy Chauke Cost South African Taxpayers R1.3 Million Just for Rugby World Cup

Jarryd Westerdale
March 1, 2024 at 10:12 AM
  • MamaJoy Chauke has become South Africa's unofficial mascot at international events
  • Her trip with Botha Msila to France for the Rugby World Cup almost half a million rand
  • NGO Afriforum obtained the information from the government through a PAIA application

What would be considered the reasonable cost of promoting a nation on the international stage?

Information secured by a non-profit civil rights organisation would suggest the South African government would put the number at roughly R350 000 per month, per person.

Jetsetting sports fans, MamaJoy Chauke and Botha Msila cost South Africa R1.3 million to attend the Rugby World in France in 2023.

MamaJoy Chauke, Botha Msila, Superfans, Rugby World Cup, Afriforum, R1.3 million, France.
MamaJoy Chauke and Botha Msila cost the South African government R1.3 million to attend the Rugby World Cup in 2023. Photo: @leratophago.
Source: Twitter

In October last year, Afriforum submitted a request to the South African government to disclose the cost of the pair's trips around the world to attend sporting events as 'superfans'.

The request was responded to, but Afriforum stated that the information on expenditure relating to other trips in 2022 and 2023 were not disclosed, as per TimesLive.

AfriForum Campaign Officer, Charné Mostert, said in a statement issued by Afriforum:

“This amount spent on flights and accommodation alone is far more than many South Africans earn per year. This reckless money-wasting by the ANC government paints a dire political picture.”

What can South Africans buy with R1.3 million

South Africa faces record unemployment, accompanied by poverty and rising food prices. For the cost of Chauke and Msila's trip to France, South Africans could buy:

  • 92,857 kgs of maize meal at R13.99 per kg
  • 81, 300 loaves of sliced bread at R15.99 per loaf
  • 65,000 trays of six eggs at R19.99 per tray

In a sporting context, just months after MamaJoy had attended the 2022 FIFA World Cup, South Africa's men's hockey team had to withdraw from the FIH Pro League, as SA Hockey could not afford the financial outlay, as per Business Day.

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