Trent Alexander-Arnold Takes Drastic Action After a Year of Being Harassed by Stalker

Trent Alexander-Arnold Takes Drastic Action After a Year of Being Harassed by Stalker

Rene Otinga
updated at February 24, 2024 at 10:58 AM
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  • Trent Alexander-Arnold has been dealing with a stalker for the past year
  • The Liverpool ace has now taken extreme measures for his own safety
  • He has reportedly hired a bodyguard and private detective

Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold has sought the services of a private detective in a bid to fend off a scary stalker who has been obsessed with him for the past year.

The 26-year-old is currently recovering from a knee issue, and while he is at it, he has also taken steps towards improving his personal safety.

Liverpool right back Trent Alexander Arnold
Trent Alexander Arnold has been harased by a stalker for over a year. Photo: John Powell.
Source: Getty Images

In a bid to mitigate the impact of the persistent harassment, the Liverpool star has taken various proactive and possibly extreme steps to protect himself.

This includes changing his phone number and upping security at his residence in Cheshire through the installation of CCTV cameras and state-of-the-art alarms.

More importantly, he has enlisted the services of a private detective and a bodyguard.

What led to Trent taking these measures?

As reported by International Business Times, the England international’s privacy has been infringed to the point his mail is being scrutinized.

He has reportedly received threats and explicit materials through his mail, with the stalker reportedly showing up at his training sessions with Liverpool, his home and some selected restaurants Trent likes to frequent.

As a result of the stalking, Trent has now been advised by security experts to minimize his social media activity, which entails refraining from sharing his movements.

Other cases of stalking

Trent is not the first Premier League star to be subjected to stalking.

In 2023, a suspect was believed to be stalking Mason Mount was given a suspended prison term for harassing the then Chelsea player.

Orla Melissa Sloan, 22, is also said to have stalked Mount’s ex-teammate Billy Gilmour and caused harassment to Ben Chilwell, per BBC.

It was then discovered that Mount and Sloan had relations years before the stalking began..

Trent picks his best player

Elsewhere, Sports Brief reported on Alexander-Arnold’s pick for the best player in the world.

He recenty took on a Tiktok challenge where he picked between two players until the decision was down to the final two.

Once it came down to Ronaldo or Messi, the England star did not hesitate with his choice.

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