Dani Alves’ Ex Goes on Bizarre Rant About Feminists a Day After Brazilian’s Sentencing

Dani Alves’ Ex Goes on Bizarre Rant About Feminists a Day After Brazilian’s Sentencing

Rene Otinga
updated at February 23, 2024 at 4:39 PM
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  • Dani Alves’ estranged wife went on a bizarre rant on social media
  • Joana Sanz recorded a sequence of videos ranting about her situation
  • This comes a day after Dani Alves was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison

Joana Sanz, the estranged wife of shamed former football star Dani Alves, made headlines again on Friday, February 23 after going on a strange rant on social media.

Alves, 40, was found guilty of ‘violating’ a woman in the bathroom of a Barcelona nightclub in December 2022.

Dani Alves's wife Joana Sanz went on a social media rant recently
Joana Sanz lamented about feminists, 24 hours after Dani Alves was sentenced. Photo: Screengrab/@danialves
Source: Instagram

Soon after his sentence was confirmed, Sanz shared a selfie on her Instagram story to suggest she was working on an advertisement gig.

That selfie, shared on Thursday, February 22, left a lot of speculation on whether she was sending a subtle dig at Alves.

However, her message on Friday was clear for all to see as she went on a monologue about feminists and her current predicament.

“I was quite surprised by the feminists. They say some things and preach others,” she said on her Instagram story, as translated by Metropoles.
“What are they saying? They call her frivolous, a little girl... and ask: why are you working? But if I don't work, who is paying the bills? But there are worse things, worse barbarities that I hear out there.”

Sanz went on to strongly suggest why she hardly shares personal matters on social media.

She went on, “And another thing, I don’t keep posting on social media (…) And it doesn’t always have to be how I feel, how I stop feeling. When I open up and want to express my feelings, I do. And when it doesn't, there's no reason. Only with my friends, within myself, only with those who live with me.”

When Joana Sanz leaked Dani Alves’ letter

Before he was slapped with a four-and-a-half year jail sentence, Dani Alves publicly apologised to his wife in an interview in 2023 while he was in remand.

As reported on Vogue, the former Barcelona star also wrote a letter to his estranged wife, who he has been married to for eight years, expressing gratitude for Sanz’s resilience amid all the drama.

Sanz accidentally shared a snippet of the letter on social media before immediately deleting it.

On top of his sentence, Alves was ordered to pay his victim €150,000 in compensation and court costs.

A look at the Brians 2 prison

Sports Brief also reported on Dani Alves’ living conditions while he was in remand at the Brians 2 facility.

Reports claim the Brian 2 Prison is not a typical correctional institution as it boasts some incredible features that ensure the prisoners are as comfortable as possible.

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