Jude Bellingham Finds Success in Spain but Admits to Struggles With the Language Barrier

Jude Bellingham Finds Success in Spain but Admits to Struggles With the Language Barrier

Byron Pillay
updated at December 4, 2023 at 3:59 PM
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  • Jude Bellingham has been lighting up La Liga since moving to Spain from Germany
  • He has made a big impression at Real Madrid but is still struggling with one aspect
  • Carlo Ancelotti recently about how the young Englishman wasn't perfect in all areas

Jude Bellingham has really made a name for in Spain since signing for Real Madrid.

But despite his brilliance for Los Blancos, there is still one thing that the Englishman is struggling with.

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Jude Bellingham admitted that he is struggling to learn Spanish since joining Real Madrid. Image: Florencia Tan Jun.
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The former Borussia Dortmund captain recently revealed that he is still struggling with the language barrier, admitting that picking up Spanish was much harder.

He added that he knew he was disappointing his manager, Carlo Ancelotti in that regard but promised that he would work harder to learn the language.

Ancelotti jokes about Bellingham’s Spanish

Bellingham’s comments about disappointing Ancelotti may not be far off the mark. The Italian manager recently touched on the player’s battles with the language, Eurosport reported.

Ancelotti described Bellingham as a ‘gift for football’ but joked that he wasn’t perfect at everything.

"He's adapted well to the dressing room. He has to improve his Spanish. As I've said many times, nobody is perfect," he said.

Bellingham will do well to work on his Spanish, as former Madrid star, Gareth Bale received a lot of backlash from the media for failing to learn the language during his time at the club.

Gareth Bale offers advice to Bellingham

Gareth Bale is keeping a close eye on the 20-year-old's spell in Spain at Real Madrid, as Sports Brief previously reported.

The former Los Blancos star has provided Bellingham with some advice that could help the Englishman during time in Spain.

The five-time Champions League winner also highlighted why Bellingham needs to keep fans in the Spanish capital happy.

Bale explains his issues with Spanish media

Gareth Bale has opened up about his time as a Real Madrid player, Sports Brief also reported.

The former Welsh international also touched on the issue of him not being able to speak Spanish.

Bale revealed that he did learn Spanish while at Real Madrid, but just refused to speak it publicly.

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