Kate Abdo: 6 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About CBS Sports Broadcaster

Kate Abdo: 6 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About CBS Sports Broadcaster

Isaac Darko
updated at February 13, 2024 at 11:54 AM
  • Kate Abdo is a British national sports broadcaster
  • Her career has spanned popular countries around the world
  • Here are six interesting facts about the CBS broadcaster

Globally, Kate Abdo is a name synonymous with exceptional sports journalism for football enthusiasts.

As a highly acclaimed international broadcaster, Abdo has reported on numerous significant soccer events, establishing a thoroughly deserved reputation as one of the industry's most esteemed voices.

Kate Abdo
Hailing from Manchester, England, Kate Abdo is a sports presenter who currently covers European soccer for CBS Sports in the United States. Photo by Ryan Crockett
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With a wealth of experience, the 41-year-old has served as a broadcaster in multiple countries, showcasing proficiency in various languages.

Despite her prominent career, the Manchester-born professional has successfully maintained a level of privacy around many facets of her personal life. Yet, there is more to this adept sports journalist than initially meets the eye.

Abdo possesses not only beauty, intelligence, and skill but also a penchant for surprises.

Sports Brief uncovers six lesser-known facts about her.

Fluent in four Languages

In addition to her native English, Kate Abdo is fluent in German, Spanish, and French, per Bleacher Report.

Her linguistic prowess was prominently showcased during her hosting of the Ballon d'Or ceremony, effortlessly switching between languages as distinguished guests from around the world shared the stage with her.

Abdo acquired her language proficiency through her European languages degree from the University of Salford and her studies in translating and interpreting at the University of Malaga.

Born into a family of football lovers

The love for football runs deep in Abdo's veins, woven into the fabric of her upbringing. Growing up in a household that breathed soccer, her parents imparted their fervour for the sport to her at an early age.

Abdo's mother, an unwavering Liverpool fan, stood in contrast to her father, a staunch supporter of Manchester United.

Adding a cultural dimension, she also has Guyanese heritage through her grandmother on her mother's side. Given the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United, one can envision the spirited debates that animated their home.

Became Kate Abdo after marrying Ramtin Abdo

Originally, Kate's last name was Giles, and she started her professional journey as Kate Giles.

However, upon marrying Ramtin Abdo in a private ceremony in 2010, she adopted his last name, according to Daily Express.

Currently, the couple does not have any children together. Ramtin Abdo, Kate Abdo's husband, is a German businessman primarily engaged in real estate, and his full last name is Abdolmajid.

A stint at CNN

As mentioned earlier, Kate's original last name is Giles, and she embarked on her professional journey as Kate Giles.

Following her marriage to Ramtin Abdo in a private ceremony in 2010, she adopted his last name.

Presently, the couple does not have any children together. Ramtin Abdo, Kate Abdo's husband, is a German businessman primarily engaged in real estate.

Two-time Ballon d'Or host

Throughout her global football coverage, her career has been distinguished by diverse roles in significant events. This includes her participation in presenting the Europa League group stage draw on three separate occasions and hosting consecutive Ballon d'Or award ceremonies in 2014 and 2015.

Collaborating with English actor James Nesbitt as co-host for the 2015 ceremony provided her the chance to meet and interview renowned football personalities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Pep Guardiola.

Bachelor’s Degree in European Languages

Deviation from one's academic background is not uncommon, and Kate Abdo is a prime example. Despite her prominence in the broadcasting sphere, her educational foundation lies in European Languages.

While the connection between sports and linguistics may not be immediately apparent, Abdo's passion for languages has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in her work across diverse countries. During her student years, Abdo relocated to Spain, where she obtained a degree from the University of Malaga in 2003, complemented by a degree from the University of Salford in the UK.

Her broadcasting journey commenced in Germany, where she served as a production assistant for Goal! The Bundesliga Magazine, covering the Bundesliga. Since then, her career has taken her to the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and presently, the United States.

Why Messi rejected punditry role

Sports Brief earlier reported that Kate Abdo has disclosed that Lionel Messi amusingly turned down a Champions League punditry opportunity due to an ongoing feud with Jamie Carragher.

The popular presenter and her CBS Sports team, broadcasting from Miami, featured Carragher, Thierry Henry, and Micah Richards during a special show covering various matches, including Manchester United's 3-3 draw with Galatasaray.

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