Pele: Brazil Football Icon Breaks Silence Amid Reports He Was Admitted in Hospital

Pele: Brazil Football Icon Breaks Silence Amid Reports He Was Admitted in Hospital

  • Pele was recently in hospital, leaving fans concerned
  • The Brazilian football legend however quelled any reports on his alleged deteriorating health
  • The 80-year old clarified that he was in hospital for routine check up

Footballing legend Pele recently left fans worried after it emerged that he was in hospital, but it turned out to be for routine checkups.

Pele good health
Pele maintains he is in good health amid reports he fainted. Photo: Getty.
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The Brazilian football icon denied any reports that his health was deteriorating as he clarified that he is usually subjected to “routine exams”.

"Guys, I didn’t faint and I’m in very good health. I went for my routine exams, which I had not been able to do before because of the pandemic,” Pelé, who is 80, wrote on Twitter.

Pele’s health is usually a point of concern for many fans, especially because of his advanced age.

The Brazilian, who remains the only person to have ever won three World Cups, has always been keen to quell any reports on his health.

In 2020, his son came out to claim that his father was depressed over his health and could barely walk outside without some sort of aid, something Pele vehemently dismissed.

“I am good,” said Pelé at the time. “I continue to accept my physical limitations in the best way possible but I intend to keep the ball rolling. I have good days and bad days. That is normal for people of my age. I am not afraid, I am determined, confident in what I do.”

The Guardian further reports that Pele was scheduled to be discharged from hospital on Tuesday, August 31.

Pele responds to Cristiano’s Manchester United return

One thing that is for certain amid questions over Pele’s health is that he can operate social media quite comfortably.

This was evident on Tuesday when he took to Instagram to congratulate fellow football great Crisiano Ronaldo on his return to Manchester United. "There is no better feeling than conquering the world and returning home. Always be happy, Cristiano."

Cristiano, who clearly has loads of respect for Pele, responded by saying, “It’s always great to come back to a home where we’ve already been happy… Thank you very much for your support, Pele.”