Andy Murray Hails Lionel Messi’s Influence on MLS After Inter Miami Heroics

Andy Murray Hails Lionel Messi’s Influence on MLS After Inter Miami Heroics

Elijah Odetokun
updated at September 7, 2023 at 3:58 PM
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  • Lionel Messi has made a massive impact on football since his move to the United States
  • The Argentine star has attracted a host of celebrities to the league and sold out stadiums
  • Tennis star Andy Murray is not surprised by this as he knew Messi as a difference-maker

Lionel Messi's influence on the MLS - in terms of both his exploits on the field and the boost to US football in general - is of little surprise to all but a few fans who remain dishonest in their opinion of him.

The Saudi Pro League, Barcelona, and Paris Saint-Germain, who have owned or tried to win him in the past months, probably felt they lost something when it was announced he would join Inter Miami.

Messi turned down a contract renewal with PSG, rejected a world-record salary from the SPL, and did not have the patience to wait for his former club to sort out their financial matters so he could return.

Lionel Messi, Inter Miami, LAFC, BMO Stadium.
Lionel Messi reacts during Inter Miami's 3-1 win over Los Angeles FC. Photo by Harry How.
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Since then, Messi has uplifted Inter Miami from being the worst team in the MLS to being Leagues Cup champions - a team now unbeaten in 11 games.

The Argentine veteran has made the Herons so good that some fans have made match-fixing allegations.

Andy Murray hails Messi's influence

Tennis star Andy Murray, speaking to ESPN after his elimination from the US Open, admitted to being an ardent follower of the Argentine and is not surprised at he is doing in America.

"I've been following Messi a lot, it's been unbelievable. He does it everywhere he goes - my feeling is that he will capture the imagination of the American public because of the way he plays. People will appreciate his amazing abilities and vision."

The British ace made special mention of Messi's unbelievable pass during Inter Miami's clash with the New York Red Bulls.

"It's amazing for football in this country and more than any other player, he'll make a big difference in the crowd, and they'll love him,” Murray added.

Murray was proven right before he made the statement. Messi's last away game was at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, with 39 celebrities in attendance.

LA Times reported that tickets went for prices as high as $96,000 for the game, which the Herons won 3-1 against the reigning MLS champions.

Azarenka reveals emotions if she met Messi

Sports Brief also reported on another tennis ace, Victoria Azarenka admitting she would cry if she met Messi as she is a big fan of the mercurial Argentine veteran.

Azarenka was at the DRV PNK Stadium for Inter Miami's 4-0 win over Atlanta United but could not get near because of the sheer number of people who met Messi.

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