Premier League's Highest Paid Player Every Season From 1992/93 to 2022/23

Premier League's Highest Paid Player Every Season From 1992/93 to 2022/23

Babajide Orevba
updated at July 19, 2023 at 12:08 PM
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  • Looking back three decades, John Barnes earned £10,000 per week as the highest earner in the Premier League
  • Following the emergence of top investors and businessmen from around the world, players now earn huge amounts in the English top flight
  • Here we look at the highest earner in the EPL in each season from 1992 to 2023

As of 2020, the average UK annual salary was £38,600, but the average pay in the English Premier League was more than £60,000 per week.

With more investors flooding the league, players continue to witness a massive rise in their earnings while featuring for clubs in the English top flight.

Here we look at the Premier League’s highest-paid player every season from 1992 until now.

Kevin de Bruyne, Premier League, EPL, Carlos Tevez
Kevin de Bruyne is currently the highest-paid Premier League player. Photo: Marvin Ibo Guengoer
Source: Getty Images

It is important to note that some seasons had multiple highest earners after players bagged deals with different clubs at different times of the campaign.

During the 1992/93 season, John Barnes was the highest-paid player in the Premier League, and three decades later, Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne is receiving a staggering £425,000 per week, HTIC Sevens reports via Give Me Sport.

Highest-paid PL players: 1992/93 - 2020/23

1992/93 - John Barnes (£10,000 per week)

1993/94 - John Barnes (£10,000 per week)

1994/95 - Eric Cantona (18,000 per week)

1995/96 - Dennis Bergkamp (£25,000 per week)

1996/97 - Fabrizio Ravanelli (£42,000 per week)

1997/98 - Alan Shearer (£34,000 per week)

1998/99 - Alan Shearer (£34,000 per week)

1999/00 - Roy Keane (£52,000 per week)

2000/01 - Roy Keane (£52,000 per week)

2001/02 - Roy Keane (£90,000 per week)

2002/03 - Roy Keane (£90,000 per week)

2003/04 - Hernan Crespo (£94,000 per week)

2004/05 - Frank Lampard (£98,000 per week)

2005/06 - Steven Gerrard (£100,000 per week)

2006/07 - Andriy Shevchenko (£118,000 per week)

2007/08 - John Terry (£135,000 per week)

2008/09 - Robinho (£160,000 per week)

2009/10 - Carlos Tevez (£250,000 per week)

2010/11 - Carlos Tevez (£250,000 per week)

2011/12 - Carlos Tevez (£250,000 per week)

2012/13 - Carlos Tevez (£250,000 per week)

2013/14 - Wayne Rooney (£300,000 per week)

2014/15 - Wayne Rooney (£300,000 per week)

2015/16 - Wayne Rooney (£300,000 per week)

2016/17 - Wayne Rooney (£300,000 per week)

2017/18 - Alexis Sanchez (£350,000 per week)

2018/19 - Alexis Sanchez (£350,000 per week)

2019/20 - David de Gea (£375,000 per week)

2020/21 - Gareth Bale (£560,000 per week)

2021/22 - Kevin De Bruyne (£425,000 per week)

2022/23 - Kevin De Bruyne (£425,000 per week)

Highest paid players in EPL

Sports Brief earlier reported that Marcus Rashford moved up the ladder of the best-paid players in the Premier League after he landed a new bumper contract with Manchester United.

On July 18, the England international penned a new deal that will keep him at Old Trafford until 2028, ending the speculation over his future at Man United.

The uncertainty that surrounded Rashford's future with the Red Devils had put a number of European clubs on red alert, including Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid.

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