Motsepe to the Rescue: Foundation Donates R6 Million to Banyana

Motsepe to the Rescue: Foundation Donates R6 Million to Banyana

Byron Pillay
updated at July 5, 2023 at 3:06 PM
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  • Patrice Motsepe has stepped in to resolve the issue between Banyana Banyana and the South African Football Association
  • Banyana threatened to boycott the game against Botswana over safety concerns at the Tsakane Stadium and payment issues
  • SAFA president Danny Jordaan admitted that they should have resolved the payment issues earlier and not at the last minute

Banyana Banyana are ready to head off to the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup after resolving their stand-off with the South African Football Association.

The two parties made headlines over the weekend when the women’s national team refused to play their game against Botswana.

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Patrice Motsepe has stepped in to resolve the issues between Banyana Banyana and SAFA. @Am_Blujay
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As reported by iDiski Times, the national team boycotted the game over concerns about the stadiums and a pay dispute with SAFA.

Banyana Banyana were then sent home and replaced with a new makeshift squad, which included a talented 13-year-old in the team.

Motsepe Foundation resolves the foundation

As noted by News24, the Motsepe Foundation have now stepped in to resolve the situation and ensure Banyana will head off to Australia and New Zealand for the tournament.

CAF president, Patrice Motsepem has funded the national side and added to the existing World Cup appearance fees allocated from FIFA.

The Motsepe Foundation has contributed R6 million to the national team, ensuring each player receives R230 000 for representing the country.

SAFA admit fault

While SAFA are thankful the Motsepe Foundation stepped up, the organisation's chief, Danny Jordaan, admitted the matter was left far too late to resolve.

He acknowledged the appearance fees should have been finalised when the preliminary squad was announced, not when the final team was made public.

Sports Minister, Zizi Kodwa, further explained that he had to reach out to Motsepe last night (July 4) to ask for funding for the women's players.

Banyana stars initially denied entry

Sports Brief also reported on the standoff between Banyana and SAFA, which saw a makeshift team face Botswana after the main squad threatened to boycott the fixture.

With the makeshift side - including a teenager - down four goals by the half-time whistle, Banyana were initially denied access to the venue after arriving at the ground.

Banyana sent home by SAFA

South African football has been rocked by more drama, Sports Brief also reported. SAFA sent the women’s national team home after they refused to play their send-off match ahead of the FIFA World Cup.

Banyana players threatened to boycott the game, reportedly because of the condition of the pitch at the stadium and fears over players being injured, wanting a more suitable venue for the final fixture.

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