5 Times Austin 'Jay Jay' Okocha Humiliated Great Players: Video

5 Times Austin 'Jay Jay' Okocha Humiliated Great Players: Video

Isaac Darko
updated at October 13, 2023 at 1:35 PM
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  • Jay-Jay Okocha enjoyed beating opposition defenders with ease
  • His quick feet and trickery were enough to embarrass any player
  • Sports Brief lists five greats embarrassed by the Nigerian legend

Austin Jay-Jay Okocha is undoubtedly the greatest African playmaker of all time. The former Nigeria midfielder was one of those rare talents that everybody loved - whether you supported his team or not.

A seven-time Super Eagles Player of the Year, Okocha is best remembered for his frankly obscene array of tricks that left scores of opposition players crying into their post-match drinks.

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Jay-Jay Okocha was a true fan favourite who wowed supporters from every club. Credit: @afroballers
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The former PSG star had a number of evasive moves in his arsenal to outmanoeuvre the opposition.

He built a reputation for being a skillful midfielder who could get past players as if they were mere training cones during his initial years.

According to Bleacher Report, the Nigerian legend's most famed trick was dubbed 'the Okocha turn'.

Rolling the ball one way with the studs of one boot, the ex-Bolton Wanderers midfielder would then fake with his other foot to take the ball in the opposite direction before instead stepping over the ball and carrying on the same way - often leaving the defender wrong-footed.

Okocha has humiliated numerous great players using his skills - Sports Brief lists the five most notable:

Okocha versus Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos is a legend and played mesmerising football in his career. However, he wasn’t good enough to stop Okocha when Brazil faced Nigeria in 1996, as reported by Time.com.

The body feint by Okocha left Carlos practically on the ground and the Nigerian was far away when the Brazilian recovered his balance.

Okocha versus Roy Keane

Keane is a great player with both defending and attacking abilities and great stamina but looked like a Sunday league player in front of Okocha.

The ex-Manchester United captain is an aggressive player who goes for fouls and harsh tackles once things are not going his way and received yellow cards plenty of times due to his actions on Okocha.

Okocha versus Paul Scholes

Another Old Trafford legend, Paul Scholes is another of Okocha's victims - the Englishman was left on the ground by the Nigerian on numerous occasions.

Although the Man United legend was a great player with great technique and exceptional defending abilities, nothing worked when he faced one of the most skillful players of all time.

Okocha versus Oliver Khan

One is the most memorable moments was when Okocha made iconic Bayern Munich goalkeeper, Oliver Khan look like a 10-year-old and left him on the ground with a few direction-changing steps.

The mercurial midfielder dribbled past about five defenders, leaving them flat on the floor, before putting the ball at the back of Kahn's net.

Okocha versus Ray Parlour

Arsenal legend, Ray Parlour still has nightmares about Okocha. Why? Because of the time the Nigerian absolutely ruined his day.

Picture the scene: Bolton have a corner in the dying seconds against Arsenal. The year is 2003. The score is 2-2.

But rather than protect possession and run the clock down, Okocha performs an amazing rainbow flick over the Gunners defender.

It happens so quickly that all Parlour can do is turn round in seemingly slow motion and look at the cloud of dust Okocha left behind while totally mugging him off in front of millions.

When Okocha 'schooled' Gyan in tennis

Sports Brief also reported on Okocha earning bragging rights over Asamoah Gyan, Ghana's all-time leading scorer, after beating him in a tennis game.

The two African legends squared up on a court in Johannesburg last year, with the Nigerian showing his dexterity by coming from a set down to win.

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