Panic as Newcastle vs Tottenham Game Briefly Halted After Fan Collapses

Panic as Newcastle vs Tottenham Game Briefly Halted After Fan Collapses, Babajide Orevba
October 18, 2021 at 7:48 AM
  • Tottenham were leading 2-1 and were about to take a corner when Sergio Reguillon signalled that a fan had collapsed
  • The match had to be briefly suspended as medics rushed to the aid of the collapsed fan
  • Both sides left the field as the fan received help, and is now in stable condition
  • Tottenham went on to win the clash against Newcastle 3-2

Tottenham Hotspur got back to winning ways on Sunday, October 17 after seeing off Newcastle 3-2 in a thriller, but the game’s most memorable moment was an unfortunate one as a fan collapsed during the game.

Newcastle vs Tottenham
A fan collapsed during the Newcastle vs Tottenham game. Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt.
Source: UGC

It was Spurs defender Serge Reguillon who brought attention to a fan, who had seemingly collapsed in the stands, with the game having to be suspended briefly as he received urgent treatment.

Another Spurs player, Eric Dier, had raced to the touchline and urged medical staff to attend with a defibrillator.

In a show of class, there was a nervy moment of silence at St James’s part as both sets of supporters collectively wished the fan well as he continued to receive urgent treatment.

Reguillon was also applauded by Newcastle fans for his reaction, as the swift response by medics helped save the fan’s life.

“In stable condition”

Newcastle released a statement hours after the incident, confirming the fan was in stable condition.

"The club would like to thank fans for their swift actions in raising the alarm and praise those who provided immediate chest compressions, as well as thanking the on-site medical professionals who swiftly administered emergency treatment using a defibrillator located close to the incident.

On his Part, Reguillon, who was the first player to be brought to the attention of the ailing fan, narrated to BBC of the harrowing moment:

"I saw the fans waving and I saw a guy lying down. I saw something wrong had happened. I looked at the gaffer and he stopped the match. I think now everything is OK and 100% happiness.”
"It was very strange. We went to the dressing room and I was looking at the man lying down. I was nervous because I don't like to watch that."

Fabroce Muamba, who famously collapsed on the pitch at White Hart Lane in 2012, further emphasized on the importance of having a deliberator on standby during football matches

Eriksen given tough condition to be able to return to football

Elsewhere, Christian Eriksen, who also collapsed on the pitch during a Euro 2020 game n June, might not be allowed to play in Serie A again unless he has his heart-starting device removed.

Eriksen underwent surgery and was fitted with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) after collapsing on the pitch during Denmark vs Finland at Euro 2020.

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