How much is the FIFA World Cup worth? Details on the most prestigious football trophy

How much is the FIFA World Cup worth? Details on the most prestigious football trophy

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How much is the FIFA World Cup worth? The trophy, which is the most iconic in all sports is much recognizable all over the world for its design. It was made around five decades ago and is the same trophy given to the winners after every four years. Prior to 1974, the winners received a different trophy called the Jules Rimet trophy.

How much is the FIFA World Cup worth? Details on the most prestigious football trophy
Illustration of the World Cup during the General Meeting of the French football federation at La Seine Musicale on December 8, 2018, in Paris, France. Photo: Aude Alcover
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The Cup has a rich history that is as captivating as the many matches it has seen. The World Cup tournament itself has a fascinating story to tell among all the bravery, heartbreak, and jubilation.

How much is FIFA World Cup worth?

At $20 million, it is one of the most expensive trophies in sporting history. According to current gold rates, the gold in the trophy itself is worth $250,000. Given the exponential growth of the sports memorabilia market following the pandemic, that value could easily have increased significantly.

Is the World Cup more expensive than the FIFA Club World Cup?

How much is the FIFA World Cup worth?
Nathalie Boy De la Tour, president of LFP with the World Cup trophy during the French Ligue 1 match at Parc des Princes on August 12, 2018, in Paris, France. Photo: Anthony Dibon
Source: Getty Images

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It is, indeed, the most expensive trophy ever. The FIFA World Cup award is made of 18-karat gold with malachite bands on the base; it stands 36.8 centimetres tall and weighs 6.1 kilogrammes. The trophy was created by the Italian company Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni.

How much is the FIFA Club World Cup worth?

There are no sources regarding the trophy's worth. The total purse for the event, however, is $16.5 million, divided among the seven teams.

The winner receives a cool $5 million, while the runner-up receives $4 million. The money is divided among the seven clubs as follows:




$5 million


$4 million

Third place

$2.5 million

Fourth place

$2 million

Fifth place

$1.5 million

Sixth place

$1 million

Seventh place


Can someone buy the World Cup trophy?

Can someone buy the World Cup trophy?
Antoine Griezmann with his daughter Mia and his wife Erika Choperena celebrate France's victory in World Cup in his hometown on July 20, 2018 in Macon, France. Photo: Romain Lafabregue
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The original trophy is not for sale. However, some FIFA World Cup Trophy Replicas are sold in various outlets and are made of nearly the same materials as the original. In fact, the original award, according to FIFA, can only be touched and held by a select group of people, including former winners and heads of state.

Is there only one FIFA World Cup trophy?

There is currently only one original trophy, which dates back to 1974. On the base of the trophy, it is engraved "FIFA World Cup." Following the 1994 FIFA tournament, a plate was added to the bottom side of the trophy on which the names of the winning countries are engraved, though the names are not visible when the trophy is upright.

The original trophy is now housed at the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich, Switzerland. It only leaves when it goes on its FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, and it is also present at the final draw for the next World Cup, as well as on the field during the opening game and final of the World Cup.

The Jules Rimet trophy

The Jules Rimet trophy
The Jules Rimet trophy showcased in the exhibition Art, Life, Football, in celebration of Pele's 75th birthday at the Halcyon Gallery on September 22, 2015, in London, England. Photo: Mary Turner
Source: Getty Images

The original prize for winning the FIFA World Cup was the Jules Rimet Trophy. Originally called "Victory," but more commonly known as the ''World Cup'' or ''Coupe du Monde'', it was renamed in 1946 to honour FIFA President Jules Rimet, who initiated the competition in 1929 with a vote. French sculptor Abel Lafleur created it in gold-plated sterling silver on a lapis lazuli base.

For more details to be accommodated, its base was replaced in 1954 with a taller version. It was 35 centimetres (14 inches) tall and weighed 3.8 kilograms. It was made up of a decagonal cup supported by a winged figure of Nike, the ancient Greek goddess of victory.

The Jules Rimet Trophy was transported to Uruguay for the first FIFA World Cup aboard the Conte Verde, which set sail on June 21, 1930, from Villefranche-sur-Mer, just southeast of Nice. This was the same ship that carried the footballers from France, Romania, and Belgium to the tournament that year.

Jules Rimet Trophy winners

Jules Rimet trophy winners
Pele with a replica Jules Rimet trophy attends a photocall for the Pele: THE COLLECTION at Julien Auctions on June 1, 2016, in London, England Photo: Danny Martindale
Source: Getty Images

Uruguay, the 1930 World Cup champions, were the first to receive the award. Uruguay also won the tournament again in 1950. Brazil won the trophy three times, becoming the tournament's most successful team in 1958, 1962, and 1970.

Italy won the Jules Rimet award twice, in 1934 and 1938. Germany and England each won it once, in 1954 and 1966, respectively.

In the history of the tournament, Brazil are still the most successful team with five victories. They are immediately followed by Italy and Germany who both have four wins to their names.

Controversies on the Jules Rimet Trophy

The medal was stolen on March 20, 1966, four months before the 1966 FIFA tournament in England, during a public exhibition at Westminster Central Hall. It was discovered seven days later, wrapped in newspaper, at the bottom of a suburban garden hedge on Beulah Hill in Upper Norwood, South London, by Pickles, a black and white mongrel dog.

The Football Association secretly manufactured a replica of the award for use in exhibitions rather than the original as a security measure. This replica was used on subsequent occasions until 1970 when the original trophy was returned to FIFA in preparation for the next competition. Because FIFA explicitly denied the FA permission to create a replica, it had to be removed from public view.

In 1970, the Brazilian team won the tournament for the third time, allowing them to keep the original trophy in perpetuity, as Jules Rimet had stipulated in 1930. It was then displayed in a bulletproof glass cabinet at the Brazilian Football Confederation headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.

The second heist

Is there only one FIFA World Cup trophy?
A diagram showing how the World Cup was stolen from the exhibition site in Westminster Central Hall, on 22nd March 1966. Photo: Keystone
Source: Getty Images

On December 19, 1983, the wooden back of the cabinet was forced open with a crowbar, and the Cup was stolen once more. Four men were tried and convicted of the crime in absentia.

The award has never been found, and it is widely assumed that it was melted down and sold. Only one piece of the Jules Rimet medal has been discovered: the original base, which FIFA had previously kept in a basement of the federation's Zürich headquarters.

The fate of the replica

FIFA eventually purchased the replica for £254,500 at an auction in 1997. The high auction price, ten times the reserve price of £20,000-£30,000, was driven by speculation that the trophy being auctioned was not a replica but the original.

However, subsequent FIFA testing confirmed that the auctioned trophy was indeed a replica. FIFA quickly arranged for the replica to be lent for display at the English National Football Museum, which was previously located in Preston but is now located in Manchester.

FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money: How much money do the champion and runner-up earn?

FIFA World Cup prize money
Retired German captain Philipp Lahm (R) stands next to the World Cup trophy during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final. Photo: Fu Tian
Source: Getty Images

FIFA revealed the prize money in April at the Doha Exhibition and Congress Center. The team that makes it to the final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and wins it will receive $42 million. The runner-up, on the other hand, will receive $30 million, and so on, with the price decreasing with the position.

The third-place team will receive $27million, while the fourth will receive $25 million. Furthermore, teams eliminated in the quarter-finals will receive $17 million, while those eliminated in the round of 16 will receive $13 million.

The FIFA World Cup tournament is the most recognized football tournament ever. This is because it includes very many teams from different continents. Its worth puts all other football tournaments to a halt.

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