Denzel Dumfries: net worth, salary, contract, house, cars, age, stats, latest news

Denzel Dumfries: net worth, salary, contract, house, cars, age, stats, latest news

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The one thing that often comes to mind when Dutch nationals are mentioned is producing the best soccer players today. Denzel Justus Morris Dumfries is a complete testimony to that. Have a look at this article and find more information about Denzel Dumfries' net worth and much more fascinating details.

Denzel Dumfries' latest news
Dumfries of Holland during the Training at the KNVB Campus on June 9, 2022 in Zeist Netherlands. Photo: Eric Verhoeven
Source: Getty Images

What team does Denzel Dumfries play for? The renowned sensation currently plays as a right-back for Serie A club Inter Milan and the Netherlands national team. He began his senior career in 2014 at Sparta Rotterdam and has since been a vital player for his team. This article deets Denzel Dumfries' latest news, including information about his career and personal life.

Profile summary

Full name

Denzel Justus Morris Dumfries

Date of birth

18 April 1996



Place of birth

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Zodiac sign







176 pounds or 80 kilograms


6 feet or 183 centimetres







Relationship status



Jaimy Kenswiel


Soccer player

Current team

Inter Milan, Netherlands national team

Net worth

Estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million

Transfer market

$29 million

Social media presence

Instagram, Twitter

Denzel Dumfries' net worth

According to sources, the player's net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. So, what is Denzel Dumfries' salary? Although he has not disclosed how much his salary is, sources allege that he nets a weekly salary of $76,000. Therefore, his monthly salary is $302,000. As of July 2022, his transfer market value is $29 million. It is currently his highest value since his career debut.

Denzel Dumfries' house and cars

Although the player has not disclosed details regarding his assets, he is often seen spending quality time in his cosy apartment in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Regarding his fleet of cars, Denzel drives a Mercedes Benz.

Where does Denzel Dumfries come from?

The soccer player was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, to Boris and Marlene Dumfries. His father is Aruban, while his mother is Surinamese. That being said, what is Denzel Dumfries' nationality? He is a Dutch national of a mixed ethnic background.

What is Denzel Dumfries' age?

The renowned footballer was born on 18 April 1996. Therefore, as of July 2022, he is 26 years old. His birth sign is Aries. He started his youth career for Spartaan '20 in 2002.

Denzel Dumfries' age
Assistant trainer Danny Blind and Denzel of Holland during the Training MenTraining Holland at the KNVB Campus on June 9, 2022 in Zeist Netherlands. Photo: Eric Verhoeven
Source: Getty Images

Denzel Dumfries' height is 6 feet or 183 centimetres, and he weighs 176 pounds or 80 kilograms. His shoe size is 12 US, and his body measurements are 41-13-34 inches.

Denzel Dumfries' career stats

He displayed a passion for soccer at a very young age, and all his family members could attest to it. His sister admitted,

Denz was in search of his identity and what he liked. During his time at VV Smitshoek, he decided he would go complete into football. My brother found peace within himself at that time.

As a Rotterdam native, Dumfries began his soccer career at Spartaan '20 and spent two years before the club released him. Shortly after, he joined Smitshoek, having to sign up for himself, saying,

As a youth, I could already go to Spartaan'20, but that wasn't easy. My parents always had to bring me. I had to wait until I could ride my bike. It took some getting used to. Smitshoek was a village. This was in the city. You had to fight for your place. Maybe I was a bit too timid among all those city boys. You might find it hard to believe now, but I was shy and reserved. They were all men, tough guys.

He was a determined player who started playing as a striker before changing to a defender. Denzel Dumfries signed his first contract with the amateur side, Barendrecht, and spent a year at the club. Even though he seemed to be coping with the matches and games, soccer clubs would reject him, saying he wasn't good enough.

Denzel Dumfries' career stats
Holland's sensation during the UEFA Nations League match between Belgium and the Netherlands at the King Baudouin Stadium on June 3, 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. Photo: ANP
Source: Getty Images

He later left Barendrecht for Sparta Rotterdam in 2014. It was only a matter of time before he signed his first professional contract with the club, thanks to his commendable progress in the youth system.

He later adjusted to various competitions and soon joined Heerenveen in 2016. He later joined PSV and played for three seasons before finally signing with Inter Milan. Throughout his career, he has won several honours to his name, including,

Sparta Rotterdam

  • (2015/16) Eerste Divisie

Inter Milan


  • (2018/19) Eredivisie Team of the Year

Here are his overall career stats,


291 (29)

Goals (P)








Min played


Who is Denzel Dumfries dating?

The Oranje wingback, Denzel Dumfries is in a long-term relationship with Jaimy Kenswiel. The dynamic duo welcomed its first child in 2020. The two seem to be head over heels in love as they often flaunt each other on social media platforms.

Denzel Dumfries' Instagram

Denzel is on Instagram and has over 472k followers as of 8 July 2022. You can find photos and videos of him playing soccer on the platform, as he often uploads them. Additionally, he often posts photos of his family members.

Denzel Dumfries' Twitter

He is also on Twitter with 36.9k followers as of 8 July 2022. Like Instagram, he often uploads photos and videos playing soccer.

Even though details about Denzel Dumfries' net worth are alleged, his lavish life often depicts wealth. Nevertheless, he is one professional soccer player who has been all about his career since he debuted on the soccer scene. Additionally, he is among the few soccer players who have managed to balance their careers and family time.

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