Xolani "Blackberry" Nkala Shows Off Dancing 'Kasi Flava' With the Ball, Referee Calls Foul

Xolani "Blackberry" Nkala Shows Off Dancing 'Kasi Flava' With the Ball, Referee Calls Foul

Keba Mothoagae
June 20, 2023 at 11:48 AM
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  • A highly unusual trick was seen during a football match involving two South African township teams during DStv Ekasi Champ Of Champs
  • In a match between Mambas FC and Free Agents, dribbling wizard Xolani "Blackberry" Nkala started dancing with the ball between his thighs in another form of 'kasi flava
  • This did not sit well with the unimpressed referee, who gave an indirect free-kick for his showboating

Those who watched it at the venue and at home can claim to have finally seen it all on a football pitch.

Magician Xolani "Blackberry" Nkala displayed a unique form of 'kasi flava' for his team Mambas FC against Free Agents in the DStv Ekasi Champ Of Champs tournament in Meadowlands, Soweto.

According to Bleacher Report, 'kasi flava' means "the outrageous over-the-top skills and tricks that define a football culture". Nkala stopped after receiveing the ball, lifted it up into his thighs and started performing the 'Zekethe' dance, to the pleasure of the spectators.

However, the referee was not impressed, awarding an indirect free-kick. The assumption that this was for supposed time-wasting, as there is no provision in the law for showboating.

According to Mabaleng Sports Centre, Nkala signed for GladAfrica championship side Free Stars not long after the match.

This brought back memories of a controversial moment in the past concerning one Sipho 'Sgobe' Moeti. As was reported by Goal, Moeti was shown a yellow card while playing for Baroka FC against Platinum Stars for showboating in a similar fashion, a decision that was widely condemned for being overzealous.

Phillys Games, township football festivals get thumbs up from Mzansi

The festive season is a time for entertainment, and it appears township football festivals continue to thrill fans.

A tradition almost as old as time, the week of Christmas Day sees these festivals pack out the timetables across the country, usually ending in the first week of the new year, Sports Brief reported.

This began off-handedly decades ago to fill in the time while professional leagues went into their December recesses.

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