Bayern Munich players' cars in 2024: Who has the coolest car collection?

Bayern Munich players' cars in 2024: Who has the coolest car collection?

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Bayern Munich is Germany's most recognized and successful football club because of its rich history and titles won, as well as the determined players at the club, who not only showcase brilliance in the games they play but also the luxurious lifestyles they live. The Bayern Munich players' cars in 2024 are a breathtaking sight.

Bayern Munich players' cars
Bayern Munich players' cars: Who has the coolest car collection? Photos by @iMiaSanMia and CUBE brand communications. (Modified by author).
Source: Twitter

Nevertheless, Bayern Munich's players have shown that they can own some of the most modest cars in the automobile industry. So hang around to read about the Bayern Munich players' cars and houses.

What cars do Bayern Munich players drive?

The majority of sources say that Bayern Munich's players own classy, expensive vehicles, but this article will look at Bayern's top 9 players' most valuable car collections, mansions they own, and even their prices.

9. Robert Lewandowski

At the age of 22, the Polish footballer came to Germany and has since developed into one of the top players in the world.

He has a net worth of $85 million, and riding in Audi's latest hybrid vehicle offers him all of the luxury and comfort he desires. The following is a list of his car collection:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Ferrari F8
  • Audi Q7
  • BMW
  • Audi RS7

He has some of the best cars owned by Bayern Munich players. In addition, Lewandowski owns a mansion in Munich, Germany, where he stays with his wife Annie, and daughter Clara.

8. Manuel Neuer

The colossal German goalkeeper appreciates smooth rides with plenty of room to manoeuvre in his car. Like the majority of the German people, Neuer is a car enthusiast. He has a flashy car collection with cars such as:

Bayern Munich players' cars-Manuel Neuer
Manuel Neuer leaving Säbener Straße with his wife after having scans on his injured foot. Photo by @iMiaSanMia.
Source: Twitter
  • 560 HP Audi RS6
  • Manuel Neuer 560 HP Audi RS6 car
  • Touareg - manufactured by Volkswagen

The legendary goalkeeper has one of the best car collections in Germany. His car collection has some of the best cars Bayern Munich players drive.

7. Thomas Muller

The German forward has established himself as a legend throughout his ten-year tenure at Bayern Munich. He can now make use of the monetary benefits that come with that kind of dedication. Flashy cars are only the tip of the iceberg.

Bayern Munich players' cars and houses
Thomas Müller (left) & Nico Mueller visit the Audi driving experience centre. Photo by CUBE brand communications.
Source: Facebook

Thomas is regarded as one of the most marketable athletes globally, and he is a spokesperson for the Rewe energy company. Adidas, Gillette, Volkswagen, Barilla, and Weber-Stephan are his sponsors. He is one of the highest-paid footballers globally, earning over $30 million from his endorsement deals.

Thomas Muller has been an integral part of Germany's and Bayern Munich's recent success, and he will undoubtedly continue to assist the Bavarian giants in the coming years. He has one of the best Bayern Munich players' cars brand collections which consists of:

  • Audi Q5
  • BMW
  • Audi S5
  • Mercedes Benz

6. Kingsley Coman

Kingsley Coman is a modern-day footballer passionate about his social media presence and fashion. The McLarennhe owns is perhaps the icing on the cake, which is among the flashiest cars owned by Bayern Munich players.

Kingsley Coman is one of the wealthiest soccer players and one of the most popular. Kingsley Coman's net worth is estimated to be $58 million.

5. Leon Goretzka

Leon Goretzka, a German international, is one of the world's most aggressive and physically assertive professional footballers. As an experienced player, Leon Goretzka has a net worth of around $37 million. Leon's primary source of income is his football career.

Cars owned by Bayern Munich players
Leon Goretzka poses for a photo while in his car, in the presence of his wife. Photo by @xoLauraxo19.
Source: Twitter

Leon also earns money via endorsement and sponsorship deals. He is a Nike athlete who wears and promotes Nike clothing and footwear. He is highly compensated for wearing and promoting Nike footwear during his games. He drives a black Porsche 964, which is in excellent condition.

4. Jamal Musiala

Jamal Musiala piloted the all-new 2020 black Audi in 2021. Jamal Musiala received the Audi automobile from Bayern Munich's official sponsor Audi. The Audi is one of the most expensive cars Bayern Munich players own.

Bayern Munich players' car brands
Jamal Musiala got his driver's license on the first try and drove himself to Säbener Straße. Photo by @iMiaSanMia.
Source: Twitter

Musiala recently got his driver's license, which means he'll be driving more, to work and training. Jamal Musiala is inspired by players like Ansu Fati and Pedri Gonzalez, who are a few years older than him.

3. Serge Gnabry

Gnabry recently added a Porsche to his already impressive collection of automobiles. He was recently photographed in his $175,000 Audi R8 supercar. He appears to relish life in the fast lane off the field. His flashy car collection consists of:

Bayern Munich players' cars
Gnabry congratulates @MercedesBenzUK for sorting him out with a new car! Photo by @SergeGnabry.
Source: Twitter
  • Audi
  • Range Rover
  • Mercedes Benz

Playing for Bayern also comes with additional benefits for motorsport fans. The Bundesliga winners' talents receive a better corporate car than most as part of their lucrative sponsorship contract with German auto manufacturer Audi. Gnabry, like his Bayern teammates, is the proud owner of a club-provided electric Audi e-Tron.

2. Leroy Sane

Since joining Bayern Munich, the German has been driving a stunning matte green Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The C63 is currently one of the most popular sports cars in the world, and it costs roughly $95,000.

The army green finish is breathtaking. Given his background as a fast footballer, it's no surprise that the winger prefers fast cars. His fleet of car collections consists of:

  • Bentley Continental GT
  • Mercedes AMG GLE 63S Coupe
  • Mercedes AMG C63S Coupe
  • Audi A8
  • BMW X5
  • Range Rover

Sané is compensated handsomely for his Nike endorsement. In October 2016, Sony Xperia hired him as a brand ambassador to promote the Xperia XZ and Xperia ZX smartphones.

1. Joshua Kimmich

Kimmich has a net worth of $49.9 million. This includes his property, funds, and earnings. His football career is his principal source of income. He has amassed a large wealth from several sources of income, but he prefers to live a humble lifestyle. His fleet of car collection has:

Bayern Munich players' modest cars
Joshua Kimmich and Robert Lewandowski arriving at Säbener Straße in Joshua Kimmich's whip. Photo by @iMiaSanMia.
Source: Twitter
  • Audi A5
  • Audi Q7
  • BMW i8
  • Mercedes Benz G 63
  • Range Rover

Fans have always checked out Bayern Munich players' cars in 2024 since their lifestyles are worth something to admire. The players have been seen driving in these flashy cars to their homes, training and other events.

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