Real Madrid players' wives and girlfriends in 2024 with pictures

Real Madrid players' wives and girlfriends in 2024 with pictures

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Real Madrid players get the media's attention not only because of how well they play the game but also because of the people they are dating. Real Madrid players' wives and girlfriends (WAGs) are among the most sought-after WAGs by the paparazzi due to the flashy lifestyle they display, and how they interact with their footballer partners.

Real Madrid players' wives and girlfriends
Real Madrid players' wives and girlfriends: Who is the most beautiful? Photos by Catherine Ivill, Pablo Cuadra and Diego Souto (modified by author).
Source: Getty Images

Most Real Madrid players' wives and girlfriends live flashy lifestyles and do not fail to be in the spotlight whenever they can. This article will look at the respective wives in detail.

Who are the most beautiful Real Madrid WAGS?

According to many recent statistics, there are many beautiful and adorable partners to the Real Madrid players, but we will focus on the top 10 among them in this article.

10. Luka Modric — Vanja Bosnic

What else can be said about the 36-year-old Croatian magician Luka Modric, who continues to dominate in La Liga and the Champions League? In 2012, Luka Modric's wife, Vanja Bosnic, helped facilitate the player's transfer from Tottenham to Los Blancos as his agent. The couple has three children.

Real Madrid players' wives and girlfriends-Luca Modric
Luka Modric and his wife Vanja Bosnic attend the photocall of the act on May 18, 2022, in Madrid, Spain. Photo By Oscar J. Barroso.
Source: Getty Images

9. Federico Valverde — Mina Bonino

Federico Valverde, a talented central midfielder, made his Real Madrid debut about two seasons ago. The Uruguayan is now a club mainstay, having signed a contract until 2027. He is on the verge of earning his first Champions League championship at only 23.

Mina Bonino, an Argentinian sports journalist and presenter, is in a relationship with Valverde. She is a well-known host of the popular television program "Instrusos." Together, the couple has one son. Mina is one of the most stunning Real Madrid players' girlfriends.

8. Marco Asensio — Sandra Garal

Asensio has won the Champions League twice and La Liga three times. During his seven-season tenure, the 26-year-old winger has contributed to the team's success.

His partner is the model Sandra Garal, born in Madrid, and has amassed 280k Instagram followers. She is also an architecture and design student at Madrid's Polytechnic University. Sandra is one of the hottest Real Madrid players' wives.

7. Dani Carvajal — Daphne Canizares

Dani Carvajal, a 5'8" Real Madrid veteran, won four Champions League trophies at age 25 despite his diminutive stature. The 30-year-old right-back from Spain hopes to add a sixth Champions League trophy to his collection on May 28th, 2022.

Real Madrid players' wives
Daphne Canizares, the wife of Daniel Carvajal, hoists her son at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on April 09, 2022, in Madrid, Spain. Photo by Diego Souto.
Source: Getty Images

Daphne Canizares, his wife, is a model and fashion industry influencer. In addition, she launched the company Blue Weddings, which organizes weddings and other social events. Daphne is one of the most beautiful Real Madrid players' wives.

6. Eder Militao — Karoline Lima

Eder Militao, a central defender, has emerged as a possible successor for the departed Raphael Varane and Sergio Ramos. His wife, Lima, is one of the cutest Real Madrid players' WAGs.

Karoline Lima is Militao's stunning girlfriend, and she has amassed a staggering 2 million Instagram followers. Before meeting Militao and increasing her fan base, the Brazilian was already a well-known public personality.

5. Karim Benzema — Cora Gauthier

Since Ronaldo's departure, Los Blancos' leading player is now Karim Benzema. The Frenchman, a leading candidate for this year's Ballon d'Or with 44 goals in 44 appearances, is also instrumental in Los Blancos' great return to the Champions League final, where they will once again face Liverpool.

Benzema's wife, Cora Gauthier, is a social media influencer and model who has worked for brands such as Zara and Dior. She and Benzema met in Dubai in 2015 and were married the following year. The couple welcomed a son, Ibrahim, in 2017.

4. Eden Hazard - Natacha Van Honacker

Natacha Van Honacker is not the typical wife of a football player. She has kept a low profile ever since she began dating and eventually married Real Madrid forward, Hazard. Natacha Van Honacker, unlike many Real Madrid players' WAGs, dislikes social media and, for the longest time, has chosen to maintain neither an Instagram nor a Twitter account.

Hottest Real Madrid players' wives
Natacha Van Honacker, the wife of Eden Hazard and their children at Stamford Bridge on May 21, 2017, in London, England. Photo by Catherine Ivill.
Source: Getty Images

Her interests include pizza making, cooking, and travelling. In a private ceremony, Natacha and Eden Hazard, childhood sweethearts, were married in 2012. The couple is parents to three children. Natacha is one of the most beautiful Real Madrid wags.

3. Vinicius Jr — Maria Júlia Mazalli

The 21-year-old Brazilian who scored his first professional hat trick for Los Blancos against Levante has formed a lethal relationship with goal-scoring machine Karim Benzema in the 2021/22 season.

Maria Julia Mazalli, the girlfriend of Vini Jr., is a Brazilian model who rose to prominence on the television program "De Ferias con e ex." She frequently gives fashion advice on her Instagram account, which has 1 million followers. In 2019, the couple met at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

2. Marcelo — Clarice Alves

Left-back Marcelo is the club's most decorated player, with 24 trophies in 15 seasons. His wife, Clarice Alves, has been with him since he debuted for Madrid in 2007. She is a Brazilian actress and a social media influencer with 626k Instagram followers.

The two married in 2008 and have given birth to two children, Enzo (who currently plays for the Real Madrid youth team) and Liam.

1.Rodrygo — Luana Atik Lopes

Rodrygo is the latest Brazilian prodigy for Real Madrid; the 21-year-old scored two crucial goals in the closing two minutes of the Champions League semifinals against Manchester City. Against Liverpool later this month, he hopes to win his first Champions League trophy.

Rodrygo's wife, Luana Atik, is an influencer on social media who gets along well with the other WAGS of the club.

The general public knows most Real Madrid players' wives and girlfriends because of their flashy lifestyles. In addition, most of them are famous models and fashion enthusiasts. Moreover, famous footballers are used to picking wives from that domain.

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