Josip Ilicic's wife: name, age, pictures and did she cheat?

Josip Ilicic's wife: name, age, pictures and did she cheat?

Sospeter Itolondo
updated at August 9, 2023 at 9:30 AM

Dig into Josip Ilicic's wife's controversial life and whether she cheated on the football star. Despite speculations, the couple is still together. In this article, we share some fascinating unknown facts about Josip's wife, Tina Polovina and how it all came to be.

Josip Ilicic's wife: name, age, pictures and did she cheat
Tina Polovina enjoying some free time with her husband, Josip Ilicic. Photo: @ilicic72
Source: Instagram

Rumours have it that the Slovenian footballer, Josip Ilicic caught his wife with another man. He, however, refuted these claims later. They have two daughters together, and their marriage is still intact. Exactly what happened?

Profile Summary

  • Full name: Tina Polovina
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: N/A
  • Age: N/A
  • Place of Birth: Slovenia
  • Current Residence: Slovenia
  • Nationality: Slovenian
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse: Josip Ilicic
  • Children: Victoria, Sofia
  • Instagram: @tinailicic
  • Twitter: N/A
  • Facebook: N/A

Josip Ilicic's wife

Tina Polovina is Slovenian and represented Slovenia in athletics, where she ran the 400-meter races. She later joined the Education Ministry in Slovenia, where she currently works. She lives in Slovenia while her husband lives in Italy though he often travels to visit.

Josip Ilicic's wife's Instagram

At the time of writing this article, Tina's profile is private. She does not have a massive following like her husband. She has only 614 followers, while she follows only 341 people. She has only two posts since she is a very private person. Josip boasts over 275,000 followers.

Josip Ilicic's wife's age

It is not clear what Tina's age is though there has been speculation that she might be 30 years old.

Is Josip Ilicic still married?

Josip is still married to his significant other, Tina Polovina. Despite cheating rumours from his wife's end that lead to his depression, the two are not divorced. Josip has posted pictures with his family on his Instagram with his wife and kids.

Atalanta's Josip Ilicic's wife

Atalanta forward Josip Ilicic and his wife, Tina Polovina got engaged in 2009 and married a while after. They have been blessed with two children. Their first daughter was born in 2013 and the second in 2018. There might have been rumours of cheating, but Josip is firm that his 13-year marriage is still intact.

Josip Ilicic's wife's pictures

Tina is a very private person and has very few pictures available in the public. Josep however, posts about his family regularly. We were able to find the following set for you from Ilicic's Instagram and other sources.

Josip Ilicic's wife: name, age, pictures and did she cheat
Tina Polovina with her husband and daughter. Photo: @ilicic72
Source: UGC

Tina does not enjoy a large following on Instagram like her husband. This may be due to her private nature.

Josip Ilicic wife: name, age, pictures and did she cheat
Tina Polovina with her two daughters on a day out. Photo: @ilicic72
Source: Instagram

Most of her pictures are found on her husband's Instagram page. He posts her and the kids whenever they are having time together. He is passionate about family.

Josip Ilicic's wife
Tina Polovina with her family during the Christmas holidays. Photo: @ilicic72
Source: Instagram

Josip Ilicic's wife cheats

There were rumours of the football star's wife cheating on him that led him to depression. The depression was so severe that he considered retiring from professional football. Rumours have it that he might have walked in on his wife, Tina Polovina, with another man when he made a surprise visit to her in Slovenia.

Fans did not wait to pounce on Ilicic's Instagram to comment on his pictures with his wife section to talk ill of Tina. This reaction led to Ilicic temporarily disabling the comment section of his Instagram.

Ilicic refuted these claims and replied by posting a picture of him and his wife to signal all was well. According to sources, Ilicic's depression was due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns. His manager was quoted after a Serie A match saying,

"With each passing day, it is more difficult for us to have Ilicic back. It would be very difficult for him to be with us."

He was depressed because the lockdowns reminded him of his childhood where he experienced war in Bosnia. His father was killed in this war. He took a break from the football world for a while but returned later. Josip loves his wife and kids. He shows this by doing a little heart with his hands when celebrating his scored goal. He dedicates this celebration to his wife.

Josip Ilicic's wife's Twitter

Tina Polovina does not have a Twitter account. She is very private and tends to keep off social media. Her husband however regularly uploads heartfelt posts about his family.

Josip Ilicic's wife's nationality

She was born and raised in Slovenia. She also represented Slovenia at some point in her athletic career. She also lives in Slovenia with the children. She did not move to Italy with her husband as she took up a job at the Slovenian education ministry.

Josip Ilicic'c wife, Tina Polovina, is a dedicated spouse and mother to her husband and two kids. Even though her husband is a massive football star, she lives a private life away from the cameras. She enjoys love and care from her husband despite the cheating rumours.

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