Ranking The Top 5 Greatest Female Boxers of All Time

Ranking The Top 5 Greatest Female Boxers of All Time

Isaac Darko
March 1, 2024 at 8:27 AM
  • Boxing is often dominated by male figures
  • But there are some queens who have redefined the sport
  • Here are five greatest female boxers of all time

Women's boxing has witnessed the rise of numerous formidable athletes who have left an indelible mark on the sport.

With multiple-time champions, record-setters, and trailblazers, the world of women's boxing has seen its fair share of exceptional talent.

As attention on female athletes continues to grow, women's boxing is experiencing a surge in popularity like never before.

Sports Brief highlights some of the greatest female athletes to grace the boxing ring.

Greatest Female Boxers of All Time

5. Lucia Rijker

Known as "The Most Dangerous Woman in the World," Lucia Rijker boasts an impressive career as both a kickboxing and boxing champion. Holding titles such as the former WIBF welterweight and WIBO junior welterweight champion, she is honoured in both the International Women's and International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Rijker's formidable striking skills earned her a notable role in the film "Million Dollar Baby." While fans missed witnessing her match against Christy Martin, her 14 knockout victories attest to her intimidating presence in the ring, making her a figure to be feared even today.

4. Cecelia Braekhus

"The First Lady" was long regarded as the pinnacle in title fights. Cecilia Braekhus achieved a remarkable feat, being one of just ten boxers in history to simultaneously hold all four major titles. With an impressive track record, she defended her titles 25 times, defeating notable opponents such as Jessica Balogun, Mia St. John, Ivana Habazin, Erica Farias, and Kali Reis.

Braekhus experienced her first taste of defeat in 2019 against Jessica McCaskill, followed by another loss in their rematch in 2021. Nonetheless, as a dominant champion of her era, Braekhus showcased unparalleled prowess in the ring.

3. Claressa Shields

For Claressa Shields, backing up her words with action is second nature. Dubbed the "G.W.O.A.T." (Greatest Woman of All Time), Shields' impressive resume speaks for itself. With two Olympic gold medals under her belt, she swiftly rose to become the undisputed middleweight champion and conquered the light-middleweight division in just twelve fights.

Facing formidable opponents like Hanna Gabriels, Christina Hammer, Ivana Habazin, and Marie-Eve Dicaire, Shields has demonstrated her dominance in the ring.

Beyond her boxing prowess, she advocates passionately for equal opportunities and pay for female fighters. Venturing into MMA, Shields proves she's unafraid of new challenges.

With her prime yet to come, the next few years hold immense potential for Shields to further solidify her legacy and potentially top this list.

2. Amanda Serrano

Amanda Serrano stands as one of the most decorated boxers in history, regardless of gender, boasting an impressive seven-weight world champion status. Since her professional debut in 2009, Serrano has navigated various weight classes with remarkable success, currently riding a 28-fight win streak since her last defeat in 2012 against Frida Wallberg.

Throughout her career, Serrano has secured victories over notable opponents such as Eva Voraberger, Yazmin Rivas, Heather Hardy, Daniela Romina Bermudez, and Fatuma Zarika, showcasing her exceptional boxing skills with 30 wins via knockout.

Beyond boxing, Serrano is a versatile athlete, dabbling in MMA bouts and expressing interest in pro wrestling.

With just one title win behind Manny Pacquiao's record for different weight divisions, Serrano's upcoming bout against Katie Taylor at Madison Square Garden holds the promise of making history.

1. Katie Taylor

Highly esteemed in the boxing world, Katie Taylor holds the undisputed lightweight championship title. Since her debut in 2016, the 2012 Olympic gold medalist has faced a formidable lineup of opponents, including Jessica McCaskill, Victoria Bustos, Eva Wahlstrom, Rose Volante, Delfine Persoon, Natasha Jonas, and Jennifer Han. Particularly, her thrilling battles with Persoon showcased her skill and determination.

In her amateur career, Taylor boasts an impressive record with five World Championships and six European Championship titles, accumulating over 170 wins. Despite being 35 years old, she continues to excel in the ring, demonstrating durability and skill.

Partnering with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing, Taylor has garnered attention both in the U.K. and the United States, establishing herself as a must-watch fighter. With an upcoming bout against Amanda Serrano, fans anticipate an exciting clash between two formidable opponents, each vying for victory and championship glory at Madison Square Garden.

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