How tall is Levan Saginashvili? Get to know his height, weight, age, and more personal details

How tall is Levan Saginashvili? Get to know his height, weight, age, and more personal details

Kenneth Mwenda
January 10, 2024 at 7:07 AM

"How tall is Levan Saginashvili?" is often the first question on the minds of those who follow the world of arm wrestling. Known as the "Georgian Hulk," his stature is as impressive as his record in the sport. His achievements extend beyond the mat, underscoring his success in the field.

How tall is Levan Saginashvili?
Levan Saginashvili is a real success in the world of arm wrestling. Photos: @PullPatrick (modified by author)
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While his victories are well-documented, Saginashvili keeps his personal life, including his marital status, out of the public eye. His physical strength and formidable presence continue to make him a subject of fascination in arm wrestling circles.

Profile summary

Full name

Levan Saginashvili


Georgian Hulk



Date of birth

September 15, 1988


35 years (as of January 2024)

Zodiac sign





6'3" (191 cm)


370 lb (170 kg)


Bodybuilder, Arm Wrestler

Net worth

Estimated $1 Million

Eye colour

Dark Brown

Hair colour




How tall is Levan Saginashvili?

Levan, a towering figure in the world of arm wrestling, stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm). His formidable stature contributes significantly to his dominating presence in the sport.

Complementing his height, Saginashvili's weight is equally imposing. He weighs approximately 170 kg (375 lbs), a testament to his powerful build and strength.

Levan Saginashvili's age

Born on June 24, 1988, Levan is 35 years old (as of January 2024). Despite his age, he continues to be a leading force in arm wrestling.

Has Levan Saginashvili ever lost?

Levan Saginashvili's weight
Levan Saginashvili, the Georgian powerhouse, is the world's number 1 ranked arm wrestler. Photos: @BiggerBlokes (modified by author)
Source: Twitter

While Levan, the renowned Georgian arm wrestler, has been a dominant figure in his sport, he has not been entirely unbeatable. His arm wrestling record is notably impressive, marked by consistent victories and a few strategic concessions. Here are some notable records and losses:

  1. King of the Table 4 (2022): A significant highlight of Saginashvili's career was his victory over Devon Larratt at King of the Table 4 on June 25, 2022. After winning the six-round super-match, he was honoured with the right-hand legacy hammer and recognized as the world's number one right-arm arm-wrestler.
  2. King of the Table 6 (2023): On February 25, 2023, at King of the Table 6, Saginashvili faced Ermes Gasparini. Levan Saginashvili experienced a health concern during his match. After leading the match 4-0, he faced an injury that led him to concede the final two rounds. The specific nature of this injury was not extensively publicized, but it was significant enough to impact his performance.

Levan Saginashvili's arm wrestling record

Levan's career is studded with numerous victories. Levan has won the World Arm-wrestling Championship (WAF) seven times, the European Arm-wrestling Championship six times, and won the Top 8 in 2019, and the World Cup in 2017.

He has won multiple championships, often with a 6-0 score in super matches. These achievements have solidified his reputation as one of the best arm wrestlers globally. Some of his notable tournament victories include:

Who has beaten Levan Saginashvili?

Identifying specific individuals who have defeated Levan is challenging, as the records of his early career and occasional losses are not comprehensively reported. His reputation as a top-arm wrestler often overshadows the few defeats he might have encountered.

However, notable figures have challenged his dominance. These include Sabin Badulescu, a Romanian arm wrestler, and Ermes Gasparini, who faced Saginashvili at King of the Table 6 in 2023.

Levan Saginashvili's arm size

Saginashvili is renowned for his incredible arm strength, with his biceps measuring 24 inches (61 cm), his forearm measuring 20.5 inches (52 cm), and his wrist measuring 11 inches (28 cm). He is often regarded as the strongest arm wrestler of the modern era and possibly of all time.

Levan Saginashvili's net worth

Levan celebrated as a dominant force in arm wrestling and known for his remarkable achievements in the sport, has an estimated net worth of around $1 Million. This figure aligns with his status as a top competitor in international arm wrestling circles.

Is Levan Saginashvili married?

As with his marital status, details about Levan Saginashvili's wife or partner, if he has one, are not publicly known. Saginashvili tends to keep his personal relationships away from the public eye. Therefore, it is unclear whether he is married or not.

Determining how tall Levan Saginashvili is leads us into an exploration of a sports icon whose height is just one aspect of his impressive profile. Saginashvili stands as a monumental figure in arm wrestling, both in physical stature and in his achievements within the sport.

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