Huge Surprise As Basketball Legend Turns Down N41bn Just To Appear On Golf Course For 2 Hours

Huge Surprise As Basketball Legend Turns Down N41bn Just To Appear On Golf Course For 2 Hours

Akan Anwankwo
August 23, 2021 at 9:42 AM
  • Michael Jordan was bold enough to reject some juicy offers for sponsors during his glittering career in the NBA
  • The Chicago Bulls legend won seven NBA titles and was named the Most Valuable Player in all of the eight finals he appeared in
  • The 58-year-old still rakes in millions on a yearly basis from an endorsement he made with Nike to produce Air Jordan

Michael Jordan is no doubt one of the best the game has produced in basketball and the Chicago Bulls legend smiled to the bank for his contributions to the sport, The Sun.

However, agent of the Olympic gold medalist David Falk, claimed the six-time NBA champion refused a $100million to make an appearance on the golf course for just two hours.

Jordan back in the days signed multiple endorsement and market deals that still pays up until this present day.

One of basketball richest players once turned down N41bn just to appear on golf course for 2hrs
Michael Jordan once had the guts to turned down a $100million deal to appear on a golf course for two hours. Photo by Kent Smith
Source: Getty Images

One of the 58-year-old's most foremost deals which pays him a whopping $105m per year is his Nike Air Jordan deal.

Despite the huge potentials that surrounded the two-time Slam Dunk winner back in the late 80s and 90s, Jordan chose carefully who he wanted to do business with.

Falk's revelation about Jordan turning down a $100m deal

Falk told WFAN:

“[Jordan] turned down a deal to do a one-day golf appearance when he was in Asia a few years ago for a pre-season game with Charlotte.
"And some woman in the Philippines offered me seven million dollars for one day, wanted him to play in a golf tournament. And he turned it down.
“I brought him a deal three years ago for 100 million dollars.
"And all he had to do, other than give his name and likeness, was make one two-hour appearance to announce the deal. And he turned it down.”

Meanwhile, had earlier reported that NBA legend Scottie Pippen and his family are in mourning after the sudden passing of his firstborn son Antron at the age of 33.

The former basketball star went on social media to announce the sad news, noting he was heartbroken following the loss.

Scottie said he and Antron shared a love for basketball and had conversations about the beautiful game but sadly, he could not follow in his footsteps.

This was because he had chronic asthma, and Scottie noted that he would have made it to the NBA if he did not have it.

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