UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Alex Pereira’s Fearsomeness Likened to Mike Tyson’s by Boxing Trainer

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Alex Pereira’s Fearsomeness Likened to Mike Tyson’s by Boxing Trainer

Byron Pillay
July 2, 2024 at 9:09 AM
  • Alex Pereira defeated Jiří Procházka in the main event of UFC 303 to retain his Light Heavyweight championship
  • Poatan quickly dispatched of the Czech fighter and also made light work of Jamahal Hill during his previous title defence
  • Legendary boxing trainer, Teddy Atlas, described Pereira as a 'boogeyman', saying that he was as fearsome as Mike Tyson

There's no denying that Alex Pereira is the most must-see fighter in the UFC at the moment.

Since debuting in 2021, the Brazilian has gone on to dominate the sport.

Alex Pereira strikes fear into the heart of his opponents with his ring entrances alone.
Alex Pereira's aura and persona has been likened to that of Mike Tyson by a boxing trainer. Chris Unger.
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Not only has he won titles in two different weight divisions, he also has a certain aura about him, one that has seen him being compared to Mike Tyson.

Atlas describes Pereira as a Boogeyman

As reported by GiveMeSport, boxing trainer, Teddy Atlas, believes that Poatan has the 'fear factor' associated with Tyson.

"There was Sonny Liston, there was George Foreman, there was somebody named Mike Tyson - it worked for them. [Pereira’s opponents are] thinking, ‘How come he don’t feel like I feel like?’ That’s what they’re thinking.
"I feel my heart pounding, I feel all this. He don’t feel it? So he’s not human?’ That’s where you start to get into that crazy place. That boogeyman place. Right now, Pereira is the boogeyman."

Pereira easily dispatches opponents

The trainer's comments about Pereira remaining composed during a fight is evident in his last two bouts.

The Light Heavyweight champion easily beat Jiří Procházka to retain his title at UFC 303, dropping the Czech fighter twice in two rounds, BBC noted.

Prior to that, he beat Jamahal Hill, easily knocking out the former champion despite getting hit with a low blow prior to the knockout.

Why Pereira is aready a UFC great

Pereira has been the face of the UFC for a while now, and the Brazilian MMA star has risen to become one of the greats.

The Light Heavyweight champion has made light work of his recent challengers, even when taking fights on short notice.

Sports Brief now looks at why Pereira is ranked among the best and even greats of the sport, despite only debuting in 2021.

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