Blitzboks Continue Flying South Africa's Flag as They Win Yet Another Trophy in 34 Unbeaten Match Run in Spain

Blitzboks Continue Flying South Africa's Flag as They Win Yet Another Trophy in 34 Unbeaten Match Run in Spain

Keba Mothoagae
January 31, 2022 at 10:52 AM
  • The Blitzboks continued their unrelenting stranglehold on the 2021/22 HSBC World Rugby Series this past weekend
  • The men's national 7s rugby team won the Seville 7s leg of the worldwide tour, extending their unbeaten run of matches to 34
  • Supporters flocked to social media to praise the country's undisputed best current sports team for its continued success

The South African men's national 7s rugby team underline its undisputed status as the country's best sports team currently.

The Blitzboks blitzed to yet another tournament victory this season on the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, winning the Sevilla 7s leg of the tour in Spain. In the process, the team continued its incredible unbeaten run, extending it to a team record 34 matches.

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The Blitzboks celebrate winning the Seville 7s event. Image source: Fran Santiago/Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Neil Powell's men swatted aside Australia 33-7 in the final on Sunday night, as reported on This complete a dream week in Spain according to TimesLIVE, having already won the Malaga 7s tournament last weekend.

Supporters came out in numbers on social media to congratulate the team.

@RugbyGameShow tweeted:

"John Eales used to be nicknamed “Nobody", because “Nobody's perfect“... Safe to say the Blitzboks are currently a team full of nobodies..."

@Clinton said:

"I'm not surprised by this coz I have seen the Blitzboks intense training video. They are simply on a whole different level and it doesn't matter who gets chosen, their machine is well oiled and they have an unbelievable brotherhood of understanding."

The Blitzboks will now wait until April, when the next tournament takes place in Singapore, looking for another tournament win to take a step closer to defending their world series title.

Record breaking BlitzBoks continue dominant run, receiving praise from SA after Malaga 7s rugby win in Spain

The South African men's 7s rugby team have not tired from their historic, record-breaking run of recent times.

As reported on Sports Brief, the BlitzBoks won their third consecutive HSBC World Rugby 7s tournament of the season last night, edging Argentina 24-17 in the Malaga 7s event in Spain.

Having the world's best team in a particular sports was a source of pride for South African rugby supporters.

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