Hardest skateboard trick: Which are the 10 hardest skateboard tricks to land?

Hardest skateboard trick: Which are the 10 hardest skateboard tricks to land?

Claudia Kogi
updated at April 12, 2023 at 8:23 PM

If you are an experienced skateboard player, you sure know the challenging and technical nature of skateboarding. While in action, you can perform some of the hardest skateboard tricks to impress the audience and boost your confidence as an athlete.

2nd hardest skateboard trick
Olympic skateboarding gold medalist Yuto Horigome performs at the opening ceremony of a skateboard park in the Yumenoshima sports park in Tokyo on 13 November 2022. Photo: Kyodo News
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However, as these tricks are subjective, a hard skateboard trick for one player can be easy and simple for others. Therefore, one has to devise a unique trick that would end up leaving the other players and the audience marveling.

What is a skateboard trick?

The trick is just as it sounds, some spinning, grabbing, grinding, and intense flipping. All these are categorized as tricks. However, it often takes a confident and skilled player to pull some of the world's hardest skateboard tricks.

What is the hardest skateboard trick to do?

Every athlete always wants to make their fans proud. Therefore, they immensely toil in those pitches and courts to put smiles on their faces, even if it would take a twisted ankle or arm.

According to a well-researched and in-depth analysis by Sportsbrief, here is a compiled list of the hardest skateboard tricks ever landed in history.

10. Henry Gartland - 50-50 The kinker (2018)

Henry's move proved how fat the sport had come. When he pulled off the trick, no one ever imagined that an athlete would grind a kink rail using a moving skateboard, but Henry made it happen.

He would often take an intense beating to get the move done. Four sessions, multiple tries and some stitches, did not even for a day stop Gartland from grinding through 8 kinks of an endless-looking rail.

9. Danny Way - Helicopter drop-in (2012)

Hardest skateboard trick ever
Skateboarder Danny Way arrives at the 5th Annual MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit concert at Club Nokia on 8 May 2009, in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Jeff Kravitz
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In 2012, fans' favourite stuntman, Danny Way, came back with yet another unbelievable stunt in mind to push the boundaries of the sport even more. This time, he did not jump over something as his fans were used.

Instead, he left people's jaws dropping when he jumped out of a helicopter into a vert ramp. However, after a few scary-looking attempts, he rolled away into a 30 feet ramp, making the cover of the magazine Transworld.

8. Neen Williams - Heelflip Burbank 16 (2011)

As of January 2023, whenever anyone mentions a thing about heelflips, it is without a doubt that the name Neen Williams is going to come up. His renowned way of flicking that stunt is often in such a way that no one else could pull it off.

During the film session with the Baker boys at Burbank, Neen Williams warmed up doing a frontside shove-it down the drop before arguably landing an incredible heelflip in history.

7. Dave Bachinsky - Kickflip El Toro (2006)

World's hardest skateboard trick
Dave Bachinsky skates at Kicksperience at the 2018 BET Experience Fan Fest at Los Angeles Convention Center on 23 June 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Brandon Williams
Source: Getty Images

Located in Lake Forest, California, El Toro sees extreme sports riders from all over the world. At the time, only a handful of athletes had displayed several tricks down the stairs, but a flip trick.

But skateboarding fans were in for a show when Dave Bachinsky landed the most unbelievable kickflip the world was yet to see.

6. Danny Way - The Great Wall of China (2005)

Hardest skateboard trick ever
Skateboarder Danny Way attends 102.7 KIIS FM's 2014 Wango Tango at StubHub Center on 10 May 2014 in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Jason LaVeris
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During the early 2000s, the sport's popularity rose as more sponsors and television channels kept investigating the discipline. In 2005, one of the greatest vert and mega-ramp skaters, Danny Way, displayed one of the craziest stunts to jump across the Great Wall of China.

His fans still talk of the move he pulled in 2005. As a result, his sponsors, Quicksilver and DC Shoes, built a ramp worth $5 million going from both sides of the wall.

5. Bob Burnquist - The loop of death (2003)

World's hardest skateboard trick
Bob Burnquist participates in Skateboard Vert Final during X Games Austin at Circuit of The Americas on 2nd June 2016 in Austin, Texas. Photo: Rick Kern
Source: Getty Images

Bob's stunt must have been somewhat critical, at least judging from its name. It was just two years after Tony Hawk had performed the first-ever loop on a skateboard when the vert legend, Bob Burnquist, tried to one-up by realizing a scarier stunt than the loop itself.

With Bob, the idea was somewhat simple as he removed the top part of the full pipe to make a gap between both vert parts of the loop.

4. Chris Cole - 360 flip Wallenberg (2003)

2nd hardest skateboard trick
Chris Cole visits the SiriusXM Studios on 22nd August 2014 in New York City. Photo: Cindy Ord
Source: Getty Images

At the fourth position sits Chris Cole, renowned for pulling off a stunt on the Wallenberg 3-block. Located in San Francisco, California, it is common for street skateboarding and has been hit by many incredible athletes thirsting for a piece of it.

Even though Chris' 360 flips might not be the hardest trick to pull off, it perfectly depicts what the sport is all about. What fascinated his fans was his persistence of 66 tries, eating dust and shedding blood before finally winning the battle.

3. Tony Hawk- The loop (2001)

If you have ever watched the Tales of Wells Fargo, then you sure know how risky and crazy some stunts they pulled. They invited the famous skater Tony Hawk and his BMX counterpart, Mat Hoffman, to try the loop on screen for their MTV show.

What is the hardest skateboard trick to do?
Tony Hawk attends the Stella McCartney Get Back Capsule Collection and documentary release of Peter Jackson's at The Jim Henson Company on 18 November 2021 in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Rich Fury
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A real-life roller coaster ride where bailing was not an option, and any mistake could cost a life, the two legends still did not disappoint. After a few scary-looking slams, Tony Hawk and Mat Hoffman completed the full pipe and appeared in the history books.

Is the 900 the hardest skateboard trick?

Well, at this point, you can attest that Tony Hawk might be the greatest skateboarder of all time, if not among them. Aside from the loop, he pulled yet another stunt, the 900.

2. Tony Hawk - The 900 (X-Games 1999)

For many decades, the athlete has been the face of the sport, and he is known for pulling off the 2nd hardest skateboard trick in the world. From owning a skateboard brand to a best-selling video game franchise, Tony Hawk brought the sport to the spotlight.

However, his fame skyrocketed during the 1999 edition of the X Games, where he performed the first-ever 900 shots on camera.

1. Jeremy Wray - Water Tower Ollie (1997)

At the first position boasts Jeremy Wray, who in 1997 crossed the boundaries of skateboarding by risking his life to get on the cover of Thrasher magazine. He had the stunt in mind since he saw the two 16-foot-apart water towers.

As of 2023, the stunt Jeremy Wray pulled on the two water towers remains the world's hardest skateboard trick.

We can all agree that some of the hardest skateboard tricks pulled by the above athletes are quite deadly. However, they somewhat managed to pull them off to prove how incredible the sport can be, and how skilled they are in skateboarding

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