Man who won Gold at Olympics goes back to appreciate lady who paid his fare to finals venue

Man who won Gold at Olympics goes back to appreciate lady who paid his fare to finals venue

  • A man's hope of winning a gold medal at the Olympics was almost dashed after he got on the wrong bus
  • Thanks to a female volunteer who paid for Hansle Parchment's transport so he could get to his venue on time, the man was able to compete
  • After coming first in his race, Hansle went straight to the woman and told her 'thank you' in her Japanese language

A sportsman, Hansle Parchment, who represented Jamaica at the just concluded Tokyo 2020 Olympics has shown great appreciation to the lady who helped him.

While going to the venue for his race in the final, the athlete got on the wrong bus. Before he could realise what was happening, he had already gone far, NowThis News reports.

The Olympian said he got on the wrong bus while listening to music.
The man allowed the lady to take a photo of his gold medal. Photo source: @nowthisnews
Source: UGC

She was his hero

When he was told he would have to go back and take the right transport, Hansle knew he may never get to the venue for his race on time.

The athlete then approached a volunteer for help. Without hesitation, the woman gave him money to take a taxi.

Hansle was thankful

Hansle did not only get to the venue before the race, he also had the time to warm up. After winning a gold medal, the Olympian tracked down the generous woman to show her his medal.

The woman took a photo of the medal with excitement. Hansle also gave her back the money and a shirt as a gift.

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jessietran said:

"The world is full of kindness!"

koroku.z32 said:

"These are the type of posts people need right now..."

tameka_lynn said:

"Wow wow wow!!!! Such a beautiful story! Humanity is still alive."

love_as_he_does said:

"You never know how far a simple act of kindness can go."

jo_l_le said:

"I love this…way to represent my home country."

romy_aiko said:

"I love this. The part where he says thank you in Japanese is the icing on the cake."

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Source: Sports Brief News