Which are the best Puma basketball shoes in the history of the game? A ranked list

Which are the best Puma basketball shoes in the history of the game? A ranked list

Claudia Kogi
updated at April 12, 2023 at 8:19 PM

In recent years, the popularity of Puma basketball shoes has increased. The Puma Clyde Hardwood, a fantastic debut product from the brand, marked Puma's return to the performance basketball market in 2019. DeAndre Ayton, Terry Rozier, Michael Porter Jr., and other elite athletes were also signed by Puma to the brand, but LaMelo Ball got people's attention the most.

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Which are the best Puma basketball shoes in the history of the game? A ranked list. Photo: Edward Berthelot (Modified by author)
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Although the brand remained relatively quiet for a while, at least in the basketball market, we are happy to see that they are again establishing their footing in the space. When more companies compete in the footwear industry, everyone often has more and better alternatives to work with.

Top 10 best Puma basketball shoes

One thing about basketball is the fact that all the players get to those courts wearing some of the best sneakers. And while players and fans would often go for other sneakers brands like Nike and Adidas decades ago, today, the tables have turned.

According to recent data analytics, the list below dictates some of the best cheap Puma basketball shoes that anyone can purchase. So, to the sneaker lovers, what are the most famous Puma basketball shoes? Here's our top 10 list.

10. Puma Rise NITRO

With the Puma Rise NITRO, Puma keeps delivering steady and dependable traction. The padding could be more responsive and bouncier. Nevertheless, it is cosy. The materials seem comfy, and most reviews mentioned how nicely cushioned the shoe is.

The shoe offers a good 1-to-1 fit; however, the fit is restrictive. Your feet get an intense lockdown and confinement from the materials and fit. The Rise NITRO is a solid basketball shoe with excellent performance overall.

9. Puma Legacy

Everything you might want in a basketball shoe is in the Legacy shoe. The designed knit mesh upper and ankle webbing of these high-tops provide them strong support. The mix of IGNITE and NRGY foams provides sufficient cushioning, while the high-abrasion outsole provides a reliable grip.

All things considered; the Puma Legacy offers straightforward performance at a reasonable cost. However, the foam cushion is stiff and solid, and the shoe is easily dust-prone.

8. Puma MB.02

Players continue to be amazed by the better performance of the second LaMelo Ball signature basketball sneaker from Puma. It may be one of those pairs of shoes that can attract many players.

Although the Puma MB.02 features a dependable traction pattern, reviewers have noted that dust can accumulate relatively easily. With a few improvements to the Puma MB.02, Puma moves in the right direction. It has good gameplay and a fair asking price.

7. Puma MB.01 Low

With the MB.01, LaMelo Ball's Puma trademark line is off to a strong start. Many people like this shoe, particularly guards who need reliable lockdown and like responsiveness over compression. Additionally, it is wide-foot friendly.

The PUMA MB.01 is a fantastic, well-balanced basketball performance shoe that serves as the ideal launchpad for any new trademark model. The pair's finest qualities are cushion and traction, although PUMA might have improved the ankle support. Nevertheless, this is a trustworthy go-to shoe with superior impact protection, responsiveness, and loads of traction.

6. Puma Dreamer 2

The Puma RS Dreamer 2 is J Cole's second trademark shoe and the successor to the wildly popular and attractive Puma RS Dreamer. On the court, the RS Dreamer performed well. Chris praised it for its sturdy construction and outstanding traction.

The Puma RS Dreamer 2 made our list despite the cushion being the one aspect he did not enjoy. Compared to industry heavyweights like Nike, Jordan, and Adidas, more players will be ready to test out PUMA if they improve their cushioning.

5. Puma Uproar

The Clyde Court Disrupt from Puma is a standout product. With the exception of the cushion, the Uproar has outperformed its predecessor. The public has mixed opinions on its hybrid technology. This shoe will appeal to those who love a court-like feel. The Puma Uproar is a must-try overall.

Even if the traction isn't excellent, it still works on all surfaces. There is practically no side-to-side movement or heel slip, and the fit is incredibly supportive. It is one of the best Puma basketball shoes for guards.

4. Puma Ralph Sampson Mid

One of the most fantastic throwback releases of 2019 is the Puma Ralph Sampson Mid. Owners seldom ever complain about these basketball shoes. They claim that the comfort is unmatched, and the materials are simply of the highest quality.

Indeed, Puma has done a fantastic job with the Ralph Sampson Mid. Get a pair if you're seeking high-quality throwback shoes other than Air Jordans.

3. Puma TRC Blaze Court

The Puma TRC Blaze Court is comparable to a friend who appears frail and diminutive yet is a competent warrior. This sneaker's relatively simple thin design and understated appearance conceal great potential.

This shoe is a joy to play in, particularly for players who enjoy sprinting toward the hoop. The Puma TRC Blaze Court performs admirably on outdoor courts, but its outsole needs to be stronger to take sustained pressure on uneven terrain.

2. Puma Clyde Hardwood

Basketball players said that the Puma Clyde hardwood has them covered on all fronts thanks to its rubber outsole, which provides complete coverage on every surface, and an upper that offers pleasant support. These low-top basketball sneakers look great and play well, thanks to their instantly classic design.

From how well the traction works to how comfy the cushion is, there aren't any issues with the Puma Clyde Hardwood. It's a fun, all-around basketball shoe that will perform well in pretty much every area.

1. Puma Clyde All-Pro

Since the Clyde Court Disrupt release, Puma Hoops' Clyde brand has been delivering decent substitutes for the frequently more expensive and well-liked Adidas and Nike footwear that dominates the market.

According to critics who consider the Nike Kobe 9 to be among the best basketball shoes, the Puma Clyde All-Pro is at least on the level with, if not better than, the Nike Kobe 9. Reviewers likened the Puma Clyde All-Pro to the Kobe 9 because of its excellent traction. Solid durability means that it should be suitable for sporadic use outside.

Testing is necessary to determine which Puma basketball shoes are the best because the brand has spent years developing and researching each of its products, which perform well. These incredibly supportive and cosy shoes will keep you playing your best game and provide exceptional traction all around the court.

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