Which is the best motor for no prep RC drag racing? All the facts and details here

Which is the best motor for no prep RC drag racing? All the facts and details here

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Which is the best motor for no prep RC drag racing? These remote-controlled (RC) vehicles require specialized skills to navigate the track, and their parts go a long way in determining the efficiency of their performance. Check out this article for all the details about this mode of racing and the motors that will boost your car's speed on the track.

best motor for no prep rc drag racing
No-prep drag racing means that the racing strips undergo little or no modification before a race. Photo: Mihail Siergiejevicz (Modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

Drag racing was adopted from street racing as a safer way to compete, keeping the drivers and the audience safe. The controlled environment allows more creativity, and the cars used have been modified over the years to meet the highest standards. Additionally, the racing variation gives participants a close-to-real racing experience on a minimal budget. Find out the best motor for no-prep racing and other exciting details about the sport.

What is no prep RC drag racing?

Before car track racing was introduced, competitors raced on the streets, attracting diverse crowds. Over the years, numerous drag strips have been specifically designed to support RC drag racing, leading to the popularization of the new style of racing. Track racing also helped the sport evolve into a competitive affair.

What does no prep mean in RC drag racing?

Before any race commences, the tracks must be inspected and prepared to ensure they are in top-notch condition for the speed cars. In the past, the vehicles had limited horsepower and only needed a little preparation to pull off a brilliant performance.

what is the best motor for rc drag racing
Drag racing was adopted from street racing as a safer way for drivers to compete. Photo: Michael Allio (Modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

However, as the sport has evolved, the vehicles have been modified to improve their rubber and tyre technology. While the original class of cars only required a clean, dry, and smooth pavement, these modified vehicles needed the track to be examined before a race using various chemicals and equipment.

No-prep means that the tracks undergo little to no modification or preparation, allowing racers to have a raw feel of the track. The variant gives the racers that old 'street' feel, and today, some race cars come tailor-made for a no-prep race and require no modifications. At the very least, some track experts only sweep the track clean and dry.

Best motor for no prep RC drag racing

Some RC drag racing vehicles require specialized parts to boost their performance on the track, including tyres, engines, and motors. Here are some of the best no-prep RC drag motors:

Maclain MRR DRK Drag Race King 3.5T Motor

what is no prep rc drag racing
Some racing cars require modifications on their tyres and engine to compete on the track. Photo: David Allio (Modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

This hand-built motor was engineered and developed in the U.S.A. The Maclain MRR DRK Drag Race King is in 3.5T and 4.5 T. It contains all aluminium screws and costs approximately $119.99.

Tekin Gen4 Eliminator Drag Racing Modified Brushless Motor (3.5T)

The Tekin Gen 4 Eliminator is among the best RC no-prep drag motors available. The machine is specifically built for performance and works by cutting weight to reduce resistance. It is hand-made and rebuildable, weighing approximately 145 grams and costing roughly $119,99.

Which is the best no-prep RC drag car?

With the adaptation of no-prep racing, manufacturers now have cars explicitly made for this variant. The Mamba Micro X2, 16.8V, WP Sensored ESC W / 1007-8450KV Combo – Losi 1/16 Mini No Prep Drag Car is among the best RC no-prep drag cars. The vehicle has a maximum input voltage of 2S and comes with an in-built motor.

No-prep RC drag racing classes

According to diehardrc.com, there are three classes for fans keen to grow their racing skills on the track. These are:

Beginner class (Just for Fun Class)

best no prep rc drag car
One of the best ways to boost your drag car's performance is by increasing its engine horsepower. Photo: Mihail Siergiejevicz (Modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

The beginner level allows learners to familiarize themselves with NPRC (No Prep RC Drag Racing League). The first level is a dry tyre class, and no preparation is permitted. However, tyre conditioning and cleaning are allowed. No winner is named at this stage as it is ''Just for Fun.''

Street Outlaw Class (No Prep Street Outlaw Drag Racing)

This class is the fastest-growing segment of no-prep drag racing. Each model must have a body that mimics an actual car that can be driven on the street. Two cars line up behind the starting lights and move when they turn green. The one that completes the 132-foot-long scale drag strip wins the race.

Bracket Class

The Bracket class is about consistency, not speed. Participants contest based on of how consistent racers are from start to finish.

How can I make my RC drag racing car go faster?

best rc no prep drag car
The vehicle's motor is one of the accessories that can increase its performance significantly. Photo: David Allio (Modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

You can adopt various tricks to make your remote-controlled drag car move faster. These include:

  • Replacing the motor. Brushless motors are preferred because they have fewer turns, making them run faster and more effectively.
  • Installing a more powerful battery. High-output batteries with greater voltage will undoubtedly increase the speed of your car. However, ensure that the motor can handle the increased power.
  • Improving your tyres. Ensure that the treads are ideally suited for your racing track. An efficient set of wheels should withstand all track conditions.

What is the best motor for RC drag racing? The different accessories that can help your car perform better can be added, while some come in-built. No-prep RC drag racing continues to attract thousands of racing enthusiasts, and fans will watch to see more improvements in the sport as they arise.

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