Merseyside derby: Looking at the history of the Liverpool vs Everton rivalry

Merseyside derby: Looking at the history of the Liverpool vs Everton rivalry

Lenah Ann
April 19, 2024 at 2:22 AM
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Liverpool and Everton are two of the most outstanding soccer clubs in the English Premier League. Their rivalry is rooted deep within its love for the fans and players and is the longest-running rivalry in English soccer, dating back to the 19th century. Since both clubs are located in Liverpool, Merseyside, England, the match between them is referred to as the Merseyside derby.

Current Liverpool and Everton managers
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp (L) at a match on 21 October 2023. On the right, Everton manager Sean Dyche at a match on 06 April 2024. Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt, Chris Brunskill. (Modified by author)
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Liverpool play their home matches at Anfield, and Everton play theirs at Goodison Park, which is less than a mile away and within sight. Some fans believe that part of their rivalry is due to their close proximity, and although the two clubs were first regarded as a friendly derby, in recent years, that has not been the case.

Merseyside derby history

What is the Merseyside derby? It is a soccer match between Liverpool and Everton, two of the most successful and famous English top-flight soccer teams.

The Blues were founded in 1878, and the Reds in 1892. They had their first official match on 13 October 1894, and since the 1962/63 season, the derby has been played continuously.

After the Blues were formed, a disagreement arose between the directors and the president, John Houlding, the club's ground owner, Anfield. The Blues moved to Goodison Park due to a rent dispute, leaving Houlding's stadium unoccupied.

Merseyside derby
A half-and-half Merseyside derby scarf during the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Everton FC at Anfield on 21 October 2023, in Liverpool, England. Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt
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The Blues and the Reds rose to prominence in English football during the 20th century, with Everton winning multiple FA Cups and First Division crowns and Liverpool bagging multiple top-flight titles and European championships. This led to an intense rivalry.

Merseyside derby all-time results

In the past decades, the Blues held held an edge over their counterparts and were the derby's favourites. However, in recent years, the Reds have gone from strength to strength and have given the Blues a run for their money.

The two English giant clubs have met 243 times across all competitions, with the Reds winning 99 times, the Blues 67 times, and 77 matches ending in a draw. Here is a detailed summary of their head-to-head all-time stats.


Games played

Liverpool (wins)

Everton (wins)


Goals (Reds)

Goals (Blues)

Premier League







FA Cup




























Biggest Merseyside derby win

The biggest win in a match between the two clubs came during the 1935/36 season when Liverpool won 6-0. The biggest away records are held by both clubs defeating each other 5-0 during the 1914/15 and 1982/83 seasons at Anfield and Goodison Park, respectively.

Everton vs Liverpool
Signage advertising the Women's derby match ahead of the Barclays Women's Super League match at Goodison Park, Liverpool on 24 March 2023. Photo: Mike Egerton
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The derby's highest-scoring match had 11 goals in a 7-4-win marathon to Liverpool during the 1932/33 season. The Blues' Neville Southall holds the record for the most appearances with 41 appearances in all competitions, while the Reds' Ian Rush for the most goals with 25.

Merseyside derby Everton and Liverpool wins

According to FBref, as of April 2024, the Blues have had 58 wins, 69 draws, 84 losses, and 235 goals in the Merseyside derby. On the other hand, the Reds have had 84 wins, 69 draws, 58 losses, and 295 goals.

Merseyside derby all-time top scorers

In all derby competitions, the Reds top the charts in terms of goals scored, with 25 goals from Ian Rush, who is regarded as one of the greatest strikers of all time. On the other hand, the Blues have Dixie Dean as their greatest scorer, scoring 19 goals in all derby matches.

In the Premier League era, Dixie Dean was the top goalscorer, with 18 goals, and the Reds' Steven Gerrard was the top goalscorer, with 9 goals.

Frequently asked questions

There have been some great derby matches over the years, the most notable and thrilling ones being the 1991 FA Cup, which ended in a 4-4 draw, and the heart-breaking 1989 Cup Final. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Merseyside derby.

Merseyside derby
Liverpool's Thiago Alcantara (R) battles for possession with Everton's Abdoulaye Doucoure (L) in their Premier League match on 24 April 2022. Photo: Clive Brunskill
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Who is the oldest, Everton or Liverpool?

The two famous soccer clubs have a rich history and are known for their prowess in the English top flight. However, the Blues are the oldest, having been founded in 1878. The Reds, on the other hand, were founded in 1892.

How many Merseyside derbies have there been?

Since their first encounter in 1894, there have been 243 derbies, and the Reds have won 99 of them. In contrast, the Blues have won it 67 times and are thus the underdogs in the competitions. The two clubs have drawn 77 times.

How many red cards have been in the Merseyside derby?

Since it is one of the greatest rivalries in soccer history, red cards are nearly a norm whenever the two clubs meet. As of 2024, 28 red cards have been issued in the Merseyside derby history, 19 to the Blues and 9 to the Reds.

Which is the biggest derby in the world?

The El Clasico is the biggest and most famous soccer derby in the world. It involves two Spanish giant clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid, and it attracts millions of viewers from all over the globe.

Final word

Even after over a century, the Merseyside derby is still one of the greatest football spectacles in England, despite the fierce rivalry between the two teams. The two supporters hold great respect and admiration for one another and have always looked forward to outshining their counterparts.

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