Drama As Video Captures Lady Supporting Her Footballer Husband on the Pitch in Zambia

Drama As Video Captures Lady Supporting Her Footballer Husband on the Pitch in Zambia

Babajide Orevba
September 13, 2021 at 12:30 PM
  • Zambian local football witnessed dramatic scenes after a lady was spotted on the sidelines supporting her husband
  • Fans were stunned as she practically engaged herself in the game despite that she was not the one on the pitch
  • Footage shows her kicking and jumping on the sidelines each time the ball gets to her husband or whenever he makes a move

There was mild drama on the sidelines of a football field in Zambia after a lady was spotted throwing her weigh of support for her husband who was in action.

The faint-hearted woman could barely watch the game as she practically ‘featured’ in the encounter from outside while kicking an imaginary ball.

Each moment her husband makes a move or kicks the ball, the lady practically does the same from the sidelines to stun the fans.

Drama As Video Captures Lady Supporting Her Footballer Husband on the Pitch in Zambia
Zambian local match witnessed incredible scenes. Photo: Sports Leo
Source: UGC

The game of football is not for the faint-hearted. The clip was posted in Instagram by Instablog and a fan wrote:

“Na she dey play the ball? Haba na....she don score like 20 goals from standing there.”

Another added:

“If the love is not like this, I no want am.”

One posited:

“Men always need support they can’t do things on their own.”

One said:

“Later now, when he blows and buys her a Benz, all of you that are laughing will be shoutin God when. Better go and support that your mechanic boyfriend o.”

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