Ranking The 5 Best Long Range Shooters in World Football at The Moment

Ranking The 5 Best Long Range Shooters in World Football at The Moment

Isaac Darko
updated at November 22, 2023 at 5:02 AM
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  • There are numerous ways to score goals in football
  • All that matters is that the ball lands at the back of the net
  • A look at five of the best long-range shooters in world football right now

Long-range shooters add a dynamic dimension to a team's offensive arsenal.

Footballers who possess the skill to score from a distance can be game-changers, catching opponents off guard and turning the tide in favour of their team when the situation is challenging.

These players, with their ability to find the back of the net from afar, introduce a crucial element of unpredictability into the game.

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A look at five of the best long-range shooters in world football right now. Credit: @madridxtra
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Defenders are compelled to close them down swiftly, creating opportunities for their teammates.

Now, Sports Brief delves into the realm of world football to discover five of the finest long-range shooters at the moment.

Dominik Szoboszlai

He stands out as one of the most dynamic young midfielders currently making waves in European football.

Szoboszlai's remarkable ball progression and accurate passing make him a formidable presence in the attacking third. What sets him apart is his exceptional long-range shooting ability, adding an extra layer to his game.

His impressive striking range makes him highly skilled at challenging goalkeepers from a distance.

Lionel Messi

What more can be said about Lionel Messi's shooting prowess that hasn't already been mentioned a thousand times?

Messi stands among the greatest goal scorers in the history of the game, and a significant part of his success is attributed to his remarkable ability to score from a distance.

His trademark left-footed curling shots consistently bewilder goalkeepers, whether in domestic or international competitions.

Federico Valverde

It hasn't been too long since Federico Valverde incorporated goal-scoring into his skill set, but his shooting range has been nothing short of impressive in recent years.

It's a common sight to witness Valverde surging forward with the ball, evading challenges, and launching powerful shots into the top corners, well beyond the goalkeeper's reach.

Kevin De Bruyne

Alongside his outstanding passing skills and vision, De Bruyne has consistently amazed us with his exceptional ability to strike the ball.

On numerous occasions, he has unleashed powerful shots from a distance, causing the net to bulge with remarkable goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The legendary Portuguese star's remarkable knack for finding the net has been complemented by his exceptional long-range shooting.

Ronaldo has recently scored some extraordinary screamers from beyond the box, solidifying his status as the best in the business in this aspect.

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