Which is the worst injury in soccer? A ranked list!

Which is the worst injury in soccer? A ranked list!

Sospeter Itolondo
updated at July 18, 2023 at 5:01 AM
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Soccer is the most watched sport in the world, and sometimes the game gets out of hand with gruesome injuries. Injuries are a high risk for players as some may be career-ending while others come back after missing months and years of playing time. Who has had the worst injury in soccer history? Read on to find out.

worst injury in soccer
Uriel Antuna(L) of Mexico reacts after being injured at the AT&T Stadium on July 8, 2023, in Arlington, Texas. Selma Bacha (R) of France is injured in a match against Australia at Marvel Stadium on July 14, 2023, in Melbourne, Australia. Photo: Omar Vega (L) and Mackenzie Sweetnam (R) (Modified by author)
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What is the worst injury you can get in soccer? The worst injury to get in soccer is a ligament and tendon injury as they are painful, one has to undergo surgery, and worst, they take a long time to heal. Some players do not come back after such injuries.

Worst injuries in soccer

Injuries are unpredictable most of the time and cannot be controlled. They may be due to a wrong movement, a bad tackle, or an object on the field. Here are some of the worst injuries in soccer:

10. Henrik Larsson

The Celtic player's injury took him eight months to heal, an injury he sustained in a match against Lyon on the 21st of October 1999. The Swedish striker ruptured his left leg twice while challenging for a ball against Serge Blanc. His injury was less severe than most people thought; hence he could play the last game of the 1999/2000 season.

Worst injuries in soccer
Henrik Larsson suffers a broken leg during the UEFA Cup second round first leg match against Lyon at the Stade Gerland in Lyon, France, on October 21st, 1999. Photo: Clive Brunskill
Source: Getty Images

9. Alan Smith

The former Manchester United star experienced the worst moment in his career in February 2006 in a game against Liverpool. The star was trying to block Arne Rise's freekick when he clumsily fell, fracturing his leg and dislocating his ankle. Sir Alex Ferguson described it as one of the worst he has ever witnessed.

worst injury in soccer ever
Alan Smith in action on his comeback from injury during the Lancashire Senior Cup match between Preston North End and Manchester United on August 21 2006, in Preston, England. Photo: John Peters
Source: Getty Images

The star recovered and revealed he played for the rest of his career in pain for the love of the game. In an interview, he revealed that,

"I knew with the injury it would be touch and go whether I could carry on playing. The surgeon said that. It would have been easier to walk away, and people remember you as a top Premier League player. But I didn't want that, because I loved playing football. Your love of it makes you go through the pain barrier."

8. Djibril Cisse

Shandong Luneng tackled the French star in a friendly match against China, leading him to miss the 2006 World Cup. Unfortunately, the star had also fractured his left legs Fibula and tibia two years before while playing for Liverpool against Blackburn Rovers. The star recovered from both injuries, with the second injury after seven months.

7. Luc Nilis

On the 9th of September 2000, during a match against Ipswich, Aston Villa star Luc Nilis succumbed to a career-ending injury. The star crashed into Richard Wright, Ipswich goalkeeper, fracturing his shin twice. Luc was one of the biggest talents in football and was cosigned with legends such as Ronaldo, naming him one of the best strikers he has ever played with.

What is the worst injury you can get in soccer?
Luc Nilis during the Dutch Eredivisie match between VVV Venlo and PSV Eindhoven at Covebo stadium De Koel on January 19, 2020, in Venlo, The Netherlands. Photo: ANP Sport
Source: Getty Images

6. Petr Cech

The Chelsea legend is not left out on this list, as his injury led to his face mask, one of the most recognisable looks in the game. During the match between Reading and Chelsea on the 14th of October 2006, Cech's head collided with Stephen Hunt, and had a skull fracture that got him hospitalised. The near-life-ending injury was healed and prompted him to wear the mask during games.

worst injury to get in soccer
Petr Cech of Chelsea looks at his injured knee during the Barclays Premiership match between Chelsea and Everton at Stamford Bridge on April 17, 2006, in London, England. Photo: Ben Radford
Source: Getty Images

5. Patrick Battiston

The 1982 World Cup semifinal was one to remember for Battiston, who played for France against Germany in a highly contested match. In a reckless high tackle, German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher hit Patrick with his hip, who fell, losing teeth and breaking his back. The injury was so bad that oxygen had to be administered immediately.

Which is the worst injury of all time in soccer?
Patrick Battiston is carried off the field on a stretcher after a bad injury during the 1982 FIFA World Cup semi final on 8 July 1982, at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan stadium in Seville, Spain. Photo: Steve Powell
Source: Getty Images

4. Kieron Dyer

The former Westham star was injured during a match between Bristol Rovers and Westham on the 18th of August 2007. It was a career-changing injury as the star was plagued with constant issues with his right leg till his retirement, which he described as a remedy. Kieron had made his debut ten days before Jacobson tackled him in the Carling Cup game, breaking his leg in two positions below the knee.

worst injury in soccer
Kieron Dyer is taken off after an injury during the Carling Cup match between Bristol Rovers and West Ham United at the Memorial Ground on August 28, 2007, in Bristol, England. Photo: Julian Finney
Source: Getty Images

3. Francesco Totti

The former AS Roma ace had one of the worst injuries when playing against Empoly on the 19th of February 2006. Totti broke his left ankle dislodging his lower foot while rapturing his left Fibula and ligament. The injury was so severe that an operation had to be done with a metal plate attached to the ankle.

Worst injuries in soccer
Francesco Totti sustains an injury in action during the Serie A match between AS Roma and Empoli at the Stadio Olimpico on February 19, 2005, in Rome, Italy. Photo: New Press
Source: Getty Images

2. Eduardo da Silva

Silva's injury is one of the most gruesome ever in the game. During the Arsenal vs Birmingham match on the 23rd of February 2008, Martin Taylor tackled the former Arsenal star dislocating his left ankle. He also broke Silva's left Fibula. The star was hospitalised immediately and recovered in a year to continue representing his club at a high level.

worst injury in soccer ever
Eduardo da Silva of Arsenal is stretchered off after breaking his leg during the Barclays Premier League match between Birmingham City and Arsenal at St Andrew's on February 23, 2008, in Birmingham, England. Photo: Mike Hewitt
Source: Getty Images

1. David Busst

Which is the worst injury of all time in soccer? David Busst's injury takes the top spot as the worst injury in soccer ever. The unfortunate event happened on the 8th of April 1996 in a match between Manchester United and Coventry City. The Coventry star had to undergo over 22 surgeries after the game promoting his retirement.

Who has the worst injury in soccer history?
David Busst lies in pain due to a broken leg after clashing with Brian McClair (right) and Denis Irwin of Manchester United during the Premier League match at Old Trafford in Manchester, 8th April 1996. Photo: Bob Thomas Sports Photography
Source: Getty Images

David collided with two Manchester United players, Brian McClair and Denis Irwin while contesting for a corner. His tibia and Fibula in his right foot were broken with blood oozing, which had to be cleared from the pitch. The injured foot contracted MRSA, which was unfortunate.

What is the worst injury in women's soccer?

The worst injury in women's soccer is an ACL injury. ACL injuries are painful and may mean losing more than a year from the pitch. Women suffer from the injury more than women.

What injury happens the most in soccer?

The most common injury in the sport is an ankle sprain. Even elite athletes suffer from this as the leg is the most attacked part of the body. Sometimes, players may make a wrong step while running or walking, spraining their ankles.

David Busst has experienced the worst injury in soccer history. Most severe injuries are career-ending. However, some players fight the pain and get back on the pitch for the love of the game.

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