Bruna Biancardi, Neymar's girlfriend: All you need to know about the Brazilian model

Bruna Biancardi, Neymar's girlfriend: All you need to know about the Brazilian model

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updated at May 2, 2023 at 3:19 AM
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After announcing her pregnancy with a Paris Saint Germaine star, the model has made airwaves in the football world, eliciting reactions all over. Other stars' wives and girlfriends came together to congratulate her. So, what does Bruna Biancardi do? Read on to find out all about Neymar's partner.

Bruna Biancardi
Bruna Biancardi attends the Louis Vuitton Womenswear Fall Winter 2023-2024 show as part of the Paris Fashion Week on 6th March 2023 in Paris, France. Photo: Jacopo Raule
Source: Getty Images

She is a model who has definitely taken the world by storm. Her exquisite looks and body has earned her great deals as she has been able to work with great brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci. She also owns her clothing brand. Read on to learn more about her and her excellent news. 

Profile Summary

Full name

Bruna Biancardi

Birth date

15th April 1994


29 years old (as of April 2023)




Sao Paulo, Brazil



Current residence




Height in feet


Height in centimetres


Weight in kilograms


Weight in pounds


Hair colour



Bianca Biancardi

Marital status

Not married


Neymar Junior



Bruna Biancardi age

The model was born on 15th April 1994. How old is Bruna Biancardi? Therefore, she is estimated to be 29 years old as of April 2023. She was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil; consequently, she is of Brazilian nationality. 

Bruna Biancardi rinoplastia

"Rinoplastia" is Portuguese for Rhinoplasty, a nose plastic surgery intended to make someone look different. Bruna is known for undertaking cosmetic procedures to make herself look more appealing, and the rhinoplasty, in particular, became an internet sensation.

Bruna Biancardi age
Bruna Biancardi poses for a photo in Miami, Florida, on the 30th of October 2022. Photo: 305pics
Source: Getty Images

She underwent the procedure in 2018 and documented the whole process on her YouTube channel showing the changes. The rhinoplasty of Biancardi recently became a trend on TikTok. She is also known for keeping fit.

Bruna Biancardi’s Instagram

Her Instagram handle is @brunabiancardi. She boasts over 4.6 million followers as she received a significant boost after her pregnancy announcement with Neymar. Her connection with Neymar has been a massive boost to her career, as he is one of the most followed stars in the world.

She only follows 689 people on the platform. Bruna Biancardi mainly uses her account to document her daily life photos, modeling shows, and brand influencer posts.  

Neymar jr and Bruna Biancardi

Is Bruna Biancardi in a relationship with Neymar? Yes, the two are in a relationship. They started dating in 2021 but kept their relationship a secret till they announced their engagement in January 2022. The couple took to Instagram to announce their engagement. 

So, why didn't Neymar marry Bruna? However, some speculated there might be trouble in paradise after Neymar was spotted without his engagement ring in 2022. Biancardi confirmed the rumours but refuted claims that the star cheated. She wrote on social media,

"Don't believe everything that happens out there. I am very fond of him and his whole family. Please stop involving my name. Thank you."

Are Neymar and Bruna Biancardi still together? Yes, the two reignited their relationship in February 2023, during Neymar's 31st birthday. Is Bruna Biancardi engaged? No, she is not. She is currently the girlfriend of PSG star Neymar. They had broken up in mid-2022. 

Bruna Biancardi's son

Does Bruna Biancardi have a child? Although rumours that she has another child have not been confirmed, the star does not have another child. However, there have been Instagram photos of her with another child. 

Neymar, however, has a kid with his former girlfriend. His son is named Daci Lucca. He was born on 24th August 2011 and is currently 12 years old. The mother of Neymar's first child is called Carolina Dantas, and she is presently married, and Neymar is said to have attended the wedding.

Bruna Biancardi’s Instagram
Neymar Jr and his son at Neymar Jr's Five World Final in Praia Grande, Brazil on July 21, 2018. Photo: Christian Pondella
Source: Getty Images

How long did Bruna and Neymar date?

Bruna Biancardi's dating history with Neymar has seen some ups and downs, being short of a fairy tale. The two stars met in 2020 and dated for a few months before finally appearing together in public, even during family events. Then Bruna started attending Neymar's games at the Parc de France. The two have been dating for nearly three years, including the minor breakup.

Bruna Biancardi is a beautiful model, influencer, and soon-to-be mother. She is the girlfriend of PSG star Neymar Jr. Her popularity has bloomed on the internet, especially after her announcement of pregnancy together with Neymar.

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