Argentina Players Decry Mistreatment in Chile Hotel During World Cup Qualifier

Argentina Players Decry Mistreatment in Chile Hotel During World Cup Qualifier

Rene Otinga
updated at April 12, 2023 at 7:55 PM
  • Argentina players claim to have been mistreated at the hotel they were staying at in Chile ahead of their World Cup qualifier
  • The Albiceleste won the game 2-1 but midfielder Rodrigo de Paul said the facilities at the hotel were extremely poor
  • Among the complaints was inadequate bathroom services, no air conditioning and noise pollution at the hotel

The Argentina national team has criticized the manner in which they were treated at the hotel in Chile ahead of their World Cup qualifier.

Argentina might have edged their rivals at the Estadio Zorros del Desierto on Thursday, January 27, but it was Rodrigo De Paul’s sentiments after the game that was making headlines after the game.

As per Sportbible, De Paul accused the hosts of mistreating the Argentina players as soon as they arrived in Chile.

Argentina triumphed 2-1 against Chile in a World Cup qualifier on Thursday, January 27. Photo by Javier Torres.
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De Paul claimed his team had a number of challenges at the hotel, including failure to be allocated a bathroom when they got off the plane.

"They cut off our air conditioners, we had no water and they made sirens sound throughout the stay,” De Paul lamented.
"I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but, as an Argentine, every team that comes to my country, we have to make them feel as comfortable as possible and we have to win on the playing field where it belongs."

The explosive claims were backed by Argentine journalist Pablo Carrozza, who took to Twitter with his version of events.

“There is a lot of anger in the Argentine team because they cut off the water in the hotel, and they turn on a siren every half hour, so as not to let the players rest,” Carrozza tweeted.

“All of this adds up to last night's odyssey. Chileans no longer know what to do to stop La Scaloneta.”

How the match went

As far as the game went, Argentina emerged victorious, with Angel Di Maria scoring a stunning goal to open the scoring.

Di Maria had to step up in the game in place of Lionel Messi, who is still hungover from a bad experience with COVID-19.

Chile's Ben Brereton Diaz headed in the equaliser in the 24th minute, but Argentina went ahead once again through Lautaro Martinez, who netted 10 minutes later.

The Albiceleste held on to that lead until the full-time whistle.

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