Fallout Continues Among Football Fans After Farcical Mali vs Tunisia Refereeing Debacle

Fallout Continues Among Football Fans After Farcical Mali vs Tunisia Refereeing Debacle

Keba Mothoagae
updated at April 12, 2023 at 7:54 PM
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  • The Mali vs Tunisia match at the 2021 African Cup of Nations in Egypt had one of the most bizarre climaxes witnessed on a football pitch
  • Referee Janny Sikazwe somehow ended the match three times with Mali leading Tunia 1-0, causing a heated exchange with the latter after the game
  • African football fans exploded in response to this disgraceful turn of events, with many observers saying the moment embarrassed the continent needlessly

Referee Janny Sikazwe continues to be the subject of derisive debate after his spectacularly disastrous display of handling Mali and Tunisia at the 2021 African Cup of Nations.

Sikazwe bizarrely ended the game three times with Mali leading Tunisia 1-0 in a tense group F encounter in Limbe. He blew the final whistle in the 85th, 89th and 93rd minutes of the match, which cause a a row between him and the Tunisian contingent.

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Tunisia's coach Mondher Kebaier (right) remonstrates with Zambian referee Janny Sikazwe. Image source: Issouf Sanogo/Getty Images
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Football social was a war zone of opinions, all mocking Sikazwe for his performance.

@Kgauza_SM said:

"African football simply not improving. Last night's Mali vs Tunisia match reminded one that we have a long way to go. Zambian referee, Jenny Sikazwe, was once suspended for corruption. Yet last night...alas!"

@OarabileDiphoko said:

"I keep seeing highlights of the #AFCON2021 game between Mali and Tunisia and I'm even more p***ed off and embarrassed than I was when it was happening. Why are being embarrassed like this!"

@mpumat said:

"The referee who was officiating between Mali and Tunisia should pack his bags and leave the tournament @SuperSportTV #AFCON2021 #AFCON2022 #AFCON #AFCONonGHOne"

@_CarltonCole9 said:

"Don’t see the controversy about the Tunisia v Mali game. Every team has the same 89 minutes 43 seconds in a game, evidently Mali just wanted to win more"

@CFCMod said:

"This is embarrassing. Referees also never have to explain themselves. They make a call and will ignore you with no repercussions. Accountability needs to happen, man"

@mosessakondo said:

"By the way, the Zambia referee errors have nothing to do with the quality of the Afcon competition. Mike Dean and Martin Atkinson have done worse in Europe."

Angry Tunisia coach reacts to controversial referee drama

The coach of the Tunisian football team Mondher Kebaier has reacted to his side’s controversial loss to Mali in their AFCON 2021 opener on Wednesday, January 12, the Daily Mail reports.

The tactician branded the decision as ‘inexplicable’ as he further claimed that he has never seen such despite being in the game of football for a long time.

As reported on Sports Brief, Zambian international referee Janny Sikazwe controversially blew the final whistle of the encounter with five minutes before the end of regulation time.

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